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Generation F82 (2014) - No Longer On Sale

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Dual-clutch Automatic (Wet)
RM 9,881.74 /month
RM 740,800.00 price when new Compare
Dual-clutch Automatic (Wet)
RM 9,961.78 /month
RM 746,800.00 price when new Compare
Dual-clutch Automatic (Wet)
RM 9,988.46 /month
RM 748,800.00 price when new Compare
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Date Reviewed
26 June 2015
M4 DCT (2013)
Bought new, Owned for 1 Year
Fuel Economy: 10.0 km/litre (10.0 L/100 km), RON97, Mileage: 90 km/month
    It's actually the replacement for M3 Coupe.
    This M4 is faster than M3 not because of it's power, it's because of its precision of handling.
    The straight 6 turbocharged engine from BMW is very impressive. Even out of my expectation.
    This car is a very fun car to drive. Its precision of handling makes it almost unbeatable at Sepang Circuit, especially attacking corners.
    And then there is a kick down feature from BMW. Stepping on the throttle and hit the gear shift down pedal, it will shift down to the lowest possible gear and the acceleration kicks in immediately like no other car.
    Fuel consumption is still consider high.
    Launch control is too difficult/complicated to use.
    Space at the back is quite small
To improve
The electric power steering needs to be improved. When gear and throttle are in sport mode, the steering has to be set to comfort mode to have a good control. Electric power steering in sport mode is too hard and too sensitive
When you cold start the car, the engine sound not really nice. Let it warm up and the sound will be as good as the V engine M3.
Yes, I would recommend this car

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