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Date Reviewed
15 February 2016
1.8 CVT V (Pre-GST) (2014)
Bought new, Owned for 1 Year
Fuel Economy: 15.0 km/litre (6.7 L/100 km), RON95, Mileage: 400 km/month
    * Automatic features are great to make daily life easier
    * brake hold is excellent for city commuters
    * CVT is smooth and I like CVT character. It fits well with my driving style as I don't accelerate excessively
    * Rear fog lamps for those really heavy rainy days
    * Practical Magic seats
    * Sound insulation is better than my 2007 Civic, but not great.
    * Electric Parking break is great
    * Plenty of USB for the modern day ADD cellphone user.
    * Excellent fuel economy in the city
    * Easy to park as it's based on the jazz
    * Cruise control with large fuel tank is good for long journeys
    * Auto LED light is amazing. Follow me home light is also great for me to feel safe when I return home and can see to open my front door of my house.
    * This car is perfect for city commuters, but can be used for occasional long distance travel. Only for small family though.
    * Good pickup from only 1.8L engine.
    * Very smooth engine. So smooth, sometimes I forgot I left the car on and walk away.
    * Keyless entry is great
    * It feels like a grown up car, good road presence
    * Eco button lowers the responsiveness of the throttle (perfect for city driving), makes the car smoother in traffic. Not sure if it has any effect MPG wise. Turn off the Eco button during cruising as you need power during overtaking.
    * eco assist LED helps you become a better eco driver.
    * Really cheap plastic interior
    * They only have half 'leather' seats which is not even real leather. Stick your hand in the magazine pocket behind the front seats to see what the material is made out of (it's not leather, more like cheap China fabrics).
    * Somehow the interior feels really cheap. Interior of my 2007 Civic is a much better place to be in
    * I think phone connect system is annoying & doesn't work
    * high rear door handles might not be good for small kids
    * LED light might not be screwed on correctly. Sometimes during idle, I can see LED beam vibrating due to the engine.
    * Hollow body makes me feel a little not safe. Even though it's a 5 star safety rating (psychological)
    * Does not include window tint
    * Steering wheel does not have sport grip at 10 & 2
    * rear middle seat is not comfortable. So can only fit 4 adults comfortably in this car
    * Due to the magic seats, there are no rear center armrest.
    * Boot is OK. can't fit 2 largest airline luggage unlike my Civic (I travel overseas a lot so this matters).
    * because the fuel tank is located below the front seats, front passengers feels cramped. The way I sit in a car, my left foot typically rests at the hollow section of the front seat, but that space is filled with the fuel tank in the HRV, so I feel cramped.
    * No coin storages
    * Due to short wheelbase, ride can be quite bouncy. If you hit a speedbump at a slightly higher speed (30km/h or higher), the rear suspension will make a loud 'thud' sound. This problem does not exist in longer wheelbase civic.
    * CKD quality as manufacturing was catching up with demand.
    * Perfect working car, somehow a bit soul-less (no character or fun)
To improve
* Better interior materials - too many cheap plastics
* rear center armrest
* Better looking Rims like the ones in the US market.
* Make the fake rear lights real
* Auto folding wing mirrors
Yes, I would recommend this car

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