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RM 1,234.48 /month
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Date Reviewed
8 April 2018
1.8 CVT V (2014)
Bought new, Owned for 1 Year
Fuel Economy: 14.0 km/litre (7.1 L/100 km), RON95, Mileage: 600 km/month
    - The most spacious B segment vehicle u can get in Malaysia market
    - Short learning curve to adapt the car, very easy car to drive for non car enthusiast, can borrow to any family members without worry.
    - Steering is light, effortless to move the wheel.
    - CVT is damn smooth and good throttle response, how i wish Proton Suprima can has this CVT.
    - the weight of this car is light, low speed cornering is quite nibble.
    It is just a 1.8L engine, it is sufficient for daily town traveling, but dont expect it can out run any of its competitors. The only car u can smoke is ASX, bcs that car was quite slow even though it has extra 200cc.
    Throttle response very instant but it doesn't mean the car could accelerate as quick as the CX3.
    Poor assembly quality from DRB-Hicom, external panel got lots of mis-alignment, the driver seat frame keep making squeaky noise everytime i corner the vehicle.
    The steering is light, but zero feel and almost zero road feedback.
    The suspension couldn't filter those little uneven road, but it filter the big lubang well.
    Even u install stage 2 UR bar, the handling and ride quality still far way behind CX3 and CHR.
To improve
Wish it has a rear independent suspension.
1.5 turbo would be more fun to drive, would be extra for the turbo.
The seat is too soft, not good on long distance drive, prefer firm solid seat.
ABS too sensitive, not sure is it cause by the stock low traction tyre.
Wish the ESC is as smart as the Subaru ESC when dealing with understeer.
NVH could be better at door side.
The underneath metal already rust when i jack up the car at 1500km mileage only, local parts suck. Hate those local cronies suppliers.
Yes, I would recommend this car

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