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Kia EV6 CV (2022-Present)

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RM 4,264.14 /month
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Date Reviewed
31 May 2023
GT-Line AWD (2023)
Bought new, Owned for 1 Year
Fuel Economy: 19.0 km/litre (5.3 L/100 km), Electric, Mileage: 2,000 km/month
    -Design: The EV6 has a sporty and sleek design, with a curvaceous body and a shooting brake-like rear. It has a more unique and stylish appearance compared to other EV in market.

    -Performance: The EV6 GT-Line model offers a total maximum output of 320hp and 605Nm of torque, making it quick and responsive. It has a 0-100km/h time of 5.2 seconds in Sports Mode.

    -Driving Range: The EV6 is equipped with a larger 77.4kWh battery, providing a driving range of up to 506km on a single charge based on the WLTP cycle

    -Interior: The EV6 has a more driver-focused cockpit, with a black curved bezel on the front screens and a floating center console.

    -Build Quality: The EV6 feels more premium on the inside with leatherette materials on the door trims and clever use of textures and design on the dashboard.

    -Charging Speed: The EV6 has one of the fastest EV charging rates with its 800V architecture. It can do a 10-80% charge in just 18 minutes when hooked to a 350kW DC charger.

    -Advanced Features: The EV6 comes with advanced safety features, including autonomous emergency braking, lane-keeping assist, and rear cross-traffic alert. It also offers features like smart cruise control with stop & go support and a blind-spot view monitor.

    -V2L Feature: The EV6 has a Vehicle-to-Load (V2L) feature, which allows it to act as a power bank. It can provide power to home appliances through its charging port or a 3-pin socket inside the car.
    Remote Parking Assist: The remote smart parking assist feature is a useful addition, allowing for convenient parking in tight spaces. However, it may require some time and effort to locate a suitable parking spot for the vehicle to detect accurately. While it can assist with parking, some users may find it quicker to park manually in certain situations.

    Frunk Space: The frunk of the EV6, has a unique shape that may limit its storage capacity. Although it may not offer as much utility as the main cargo area, it can still provide some additional storage space for smaller items or essentials.

    Rear Visibility: The EV6's thick pillars and dark-tinted rear glass may slightly impact rear visibility. However, Kia has compensated for this limitation by equipping the vehicle with excellent 360-degree surround cameras and sensors, which aid in parking and maneuvering, ensuring a safe driving experience.

    Usability: The combination of touch buttons and physical knobs for climate and media controls offers a modern and versatile control interface. However, some users may find separate controls more intuitive and user-friendly. Additionally, the absence of ambient lighting in the storage area underneath the center console and the use of certain materials on the rear panel of the front seats could be improved for a more refined experience.

    Efficiency and Range: Due to its dual-motor configuration, the EV6's electric consumption may be slightly higher compared to single motor electric vehicles. While achieving the advertised 506km range on a single charge may be challenging in real-world conditions, the EV6 still provides an impressive range of over 400km in city and outskirt driving scenarios, which is suitable for most daily commutes.

    Headroom: The lower height of the EV6 may result in slightly reduced headroom compared to taller vehicles. However, the overall cabin design ensures comfortable seating positions for occupants of varying heights, providing a balanced and enjoyable driving experience.

    Missing Features in Local Market: In certain markets, such as Kia Malaysia, some features like the Head-Up Display (HUD), Map Function, and Compass may not be available in the EV6.

    Voice Command Limitations: In some regions, including Malaysia, there may be limitations with the voice command functionality of the EV6. This affect the use of voice assistants and the ability to reply to voice messages when the phone connected via Bluetooth. Until today, Kia Malaysia doesn't seem want to resolve this issue.

    Connectivity: The EV6 does not currently support wireless CarPlay and Android Auto connectivity. However, it still offers seamless integration with compatible smartphones through wired connections, allowing users to access various smartphone features and applications directly from the car's infotainment system.
To improve
Voice Command Issues: The reported voice command issues need to be thoroughly investigated and resolved by Kia Malaysia. Prompt action should be taken to ensure that the voice command functionality works seamlessly, allowing users to fully utilize the voice assistant and reply to voice messages when connected via Bluetooth.

Ambient Lighting: The reported ambient lighting issue should be acknowledged and rectified by Kia Malaysia. It is important for the company to address this concern and provide an optimal lighting experience in the storage area underneath the center console, enhancing the overall cabin ambiance.

Tinted Issues: Kia Malaysia should actively engage with the EV6 community to understand and address the concerns related to tinted windows. If there are specific issues regarding the tinted glass, Kia should investigate and take necessary steps to resolve any concerns raised by EV6 owners.

Responsive Customer Support: Kia Malaysia should improve its responsiveness and attentiveness to customer requests and concerns. It is important for the company to actively listen to the EV6 community and take appropriate actions to address their needs. By demonstrating a commitment to customer satisfaction, Kia can build stronger relationships and ensure a positive ownership experience for EV6 owners in Malaysia
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