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Date Reviewed
23 October 2018
2.2D KX (2016)
Bought new, Owned for 1 Year
Fuel Economy: 12.0 km/litre (8.3 L/100 km), Diesel, Mileage: 1,600 km/month
    Spacious at all 3 rows. Leg room is huge.
    Good Torque and exciting to cut through traffic, very peppie, thanks to the turbo diesel, and the 8speed transmission.
    Fuel Consumption is fairly good for long distance driving, not good in jams.
    Fuel Efficiency is around 8.5 - 9l/100km for long distance, Heavy footed at 10 - 10.5l/100km, and unrealistically light foot night drive which is possible after full tank at 6.2 - 7l/100km
    8 gears transmission is great, changes gear fast for better fuel consumption.
    Auto Hand Break & Auto Hold is better than the foot break.
    Cornering is good thanks to the tires and the wide wheelbase structure. Firm and controlled.
    High Mileage per tank. On meter is 840KM distance, but realistically 700-750km depending on your foot and road driving conditions. (Pump Euro5 Diesel, it helps a lot)
    Android Auto/ Apple Car Play works very well. Download Android Auto APK, because it is not available in Play Store.
    Lots of charging ports
    Front Parking Sensor helps with small parking spaces
    Lumbar Support is helpful for long distance driving.
    It will be suitable for people that are bigger in size, as it may be a bit far from reach from smaller sized people like me. but the seats can increase in height which is helpful along with the telescopic steering wheel.
    Auto Cruise is included, a plus point for big cars and long distance driving.
    Going to the third row seat is a easy walk in.
    Head Unit is big and clear, with big words and buttons.
    Does not come with Spill mats at the boot.
    egress and ingress for driver is tight when parking ( depends where you go )
    Sound System is not that full and less option to EQ/tweak the equalizer for full sound (coming from a sound guy)
    A little bumpy for the last row.
    No 360 degree view camera, it will help when parking at tight areas
    No card slots (touch & Go, Guard house card, AutoPass & Cash Card (travel to SG)
    Side Step feels is not sturdy, make squeaky noise when stepped on, or feeling it may give way.
    When light is turned off, controls will not have light, so you are not able to see what you are pressing.
    Wiper leaves a small gap at the bottom, probably a design flaw.
To improve
Card Slot is left out, Although there is a lot of deep and big spaces, there isn't a dedicated slot for cards like, touch and go (opt for smart tag if possible), if frequent to SG, Autopass & CashCard.
The boot trench does not include a mat/ spill prevention tray.
Sound System is not the best, but can be EQ-ed through phone. Probably still new, diaphragm of speakers still tight. Need some time to burn in. Or probably send to tweak by specialist. It is loud, but bass not there and less mids.
better suspension & absorber for rear tires.
360 view camera
Under-carriage sound proofing ( can hear a little road noise )
Window visor to be included, better for sound insulation as well. lesser wind noise.
Add a switch to turn off the lights for control buttons ( aircond, Head Unit physical controls etc) more flexible when driver is at Parking and would like to use the controls. It currently works when light is switched to AUTO, light will be then be kept on, if not it will be all dark.
The Wiper does not wipe fully in between the 2 wipers at the bottom end when wiper ends, around a 3 inch long surface area that is left out due to design flaw. if not so OCD its ok, but its quite visible when it is dusty.
Yes, I would recommend this car

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