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Generation C27 (2018-Present)

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RM 1,705.76 /month
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Expert Review

Date Reviewed
19 February 2019
Ride & Handling
The C27 Nissan Serena S-Hybrid, for what it's worth, is an incredibly well-thought-out MPV for the family. It is sufficiently powerful to ferry seven adults in sheer comfort, and the cabin is littered with seven powered USB ports for everyone's peace of mind. Other improved aspects of the car include a better sprung suspension, more refined and efficient powertrain, quieter cabin and the inclusion of six airbags and ESC, both of which are mandatory in this day and age.
  • Super comfortable seats
  • Premium-feeling cabin
  • Exceptional features for driver and passengers
  • Powertrain is more refined
  • Still uses old-school foot parking brake
  • Car still feels slightly underpowered on full load

Latest Owner Review

Date Reviewed
17 July 2019
Highway Star 2.0 (2017)
Bought new, Owned for 1 Year
Fuel Economy: 10.0 km/litre (10.0 L/100 km), RON95, Mileage: 400 km/month
    1) Comfortable seat
    2) Noise level good
    3) Go through bump softly good
    4) Real 7 seaters
    5) 7 usb port
    6) Separate front and back aircond
    7) Fuel efficient - so far full city about 8-10km/l
    8) Sliding door, especially open with kungfu kick
    9) Double rear bonnet.. Really handy.
    10) Autolight

    Overall can see nissan really put some thougt on this car, trying to solve and cover it with family car features.
    1) Expensive parts (rear windscreen = rm7k)
    2) Too fast over a bump, have a " kuk" sound
    3) HU low quality (Recent solved restart/future time)
    4) Slightly shaky when moving fast to slow then fast
    5) Service center not tech enough
To improve
1) Improve service center technology.
2) Keep the parts price low
3) Give people more confident, everyone is talking about cvt gear problem, unless nissan not taking any action or ifnissan is confident enough, challenge buyer by giving extra warranty on gearbox.
Yes, I would recommend this car

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