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RM 557.69 /month
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Expert Review

Date Reviewed
6 April 2018
Ride & Handling
by Danny Tan
After one million units sold, the "love of the nation" received a full reboot for the third-generation. The homegrown effort betters the car it replaces in every aspect, but features - some unprecedented at this price point, some ingenious - are a particularly strong point. Still not the best driving or most refined B-segment hatchback, but unbeatable content and value for money means it's a sure winner.
  • Top level safety, unprecedented safety kit
  • Ingenious local features that aren't gimmicks
  • Improved refinement and dynamics
  • Unbeatable content, value for money
  • Improved, but NVH levels could still be lower
  • 4AT does a basic level job, and that's about it
  • Rear end design

Latest Owner Review

Date Reviewed
10 July 2018
1.5 Advance AT (2017)
Bought new, Owned for 1 Year
Fuel Economy: 14.5 km/litre (6.9 L/100 km), RON95, Mileage: 1,000 km/month
    1. Good looking and sporty design
    2. clean ergonomic mature dashboard design. You wont feel like you're in a cheap car material and design wise especially with leather seats. The interior lights in front and middle are adequate and I like that they turn on gradually when you open the door.
    3. Decent quality speakers.
    4. LED headlights are bright and thorough, follow me home lights are amazing when you want to open the door on your house at night
    5. sport grip on steering wheel is comfortable
    6. Crazy spacious leg room at the back
    7. Steering is light and maneuverable in tight city spaces
    8. Body design is small on the outside, huge on the inside. Rear seat can be folded almost flat. There's also a light at the boot which is not there on the 1st gen Myvi
    9. plenty of USB for modern gadgets for all occupants
    10. Key fob is simple and light in your pocket unlike heavy Honda key fob
    11. Excellent value for money especially safety, all around airbag, TRC, and auto brake emergency break camera system, Hill hold assist, unheard of for a car that costs RM55k.
    12. When you have the main wipers on and you hit gear in reverse, it will automatically turn on the rear wiper. Little conveniences that make me smile. Just like HRV
    13. Keyless entry when you press the driver side button once, it only opens the driver side. I think this makes me feel safe that no one can jump in my car when I am entering my car alone at night at a seedy location
    14. Boot space is much better than old myvi. Perfect for commuter car or small family of 1 kid.
    1. Not enough cup holders! There's only 2 for the middle rear. So if I buy take away coffee for front passengers, where am I going to place it?
    2. Engine I feel has adequate power, but the gearbox & engine is programmed to be at the lowest possible RPM at all times makes you feel the car is under powered. If you floor it, the car can sprint and pickup is very good and may surprise other more expensive cars, but it does feel like it's out of it;'s element. This is not designed to be a fast car. It is a convenient run about car to run errands & commute.
    3. Keyless entry switch is only available for driver side. So if you want to enter any other door, you have to use the remote
    4. The car doesn't auto lock like my 1st generation myvi. You have to manually lock the door using the button on the dashboard.
    5. Advanced trim infotainment is really bad. doesn't lag, but the GPS is as good as useless and not compatible with all Android. Also when you have the GPS running, you can't have music on at the same time..
    6. Reverse camera clear but the lines of travel does not move with steering input when reversing like in Honda cars
    7. The start stop is arguably not really making any difference with fuel economy. It is also not the best system as it doesn't know when you are only stopping for like 1 second, it doesn't justify to stop and restart. So if you are crawling traffic jam during rush hour, you have to manually turn off the auto start stop every time. This system is only useful at the traffic light. Even that, with the AC running, the battery doesn't have enough power to run the AC compressor, so the AC will not run cold. In really hot days, the car will only stop the engine for a few seconds before it kicks it on again just so it can power the AC compressor.
    8. The rear breaks are still drums and feel spongy and not confident inspiring.
    9. I am the kind of guy that turns off my AC before I turn off the car. AC buttons are weird, you can set 2 sets of memories but when I park and want to turn of the AC, I have to manually press the fan down button all the way to 'Off' I find this annoying.
    10. Sound insulating is not so good especially at the rear wheel arches. You can clearly hear water splashing at the tires when driving in rain. It is so bad when I first got the car driving in the rain that I thought I had the rear window open.
    11. With 4 adults, the car clearance is reduces and you have to take extra care when running over bumpers at speeds.
    12. With all the technology, the 1.5L liter engine has about the same fuel economy as my 2010 1.3L Myvi.
    13. Ride comfort is better than old myvi, but it still jerks about and doesn't go over bumpy roads well. Honda is still better at this. The tossing and turning of your body will make you feel tired in a long commute. Expensive cars glide over road imperfections which makes you not feel tired after a long journey.
To improve
1.Wheel Arch insulation is cheap but this is where they decide to cut corners.
2. Get better gearbox. At least a CVT. This 4 Speed Auto is seriously dinosaur age.
3. All disc breaks to make the car feel more confident
Yes, I would recommend this car

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