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Generation D20N (2017-Present)

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RM 570.79 /month
RM 42,790.00 car price Compare
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Expert Review

Date Reviewed
6 April 2018
Ride & Handling
by Danny Tan
After one million units sold, the "love of the nation" received a full reboot for the third-generation. The homegrown effort betters the car it replaces in every aspect, but features - some unprecedented at this price point, some ingenious - are a particularly strong point. Still not the best driving or most refined B-segment hatchback, but unbeatable content and value for money means it's a sure winner.
  • Top level safety, unprecedented safety kit
  • Ingenious local features that aren't gimmicks
  • Improved refinement and dynamics
  • Unbeatable content, value for money
  • Improved, but NVH levels could still be lower
  • 4AT does a basic level job, and that's about it
  • Rear end design

Latest Owner Review

Date Reviewed
7 August 2019
Ek Thai
1.5 Advance AT (2017)
Bought new, Owned for 1 Year
Fuel Economy: 15.0 km/litre (6.7 L/100 km), RON97, Mileage: 1 km/month
    - Compact size
    - Spaciousness for rear passengers
    - Decent leg room for rear passengers and small families,
    - Bigger boot space vs the previous generations
    - Sportier appearance
    - LED headlamps [very bright]
    - ASA safety features for a car in this price range is virtually unheard of
    - Smart Tag reader is a god-send!
    - Decent fuel efficiency
    - Airbag count and passive safety features are a plus point
    - Bluetooth connectivity which makes answering calls whilst on the move very convenient
    - Auto-folding side mirrors
    - Decent availability of cup holders
    - Decent # of USB charging points in the car
    - Aircon is cold and provides reasonable coolness in spite of our humid weather
    - Reasonable performance if pedal depressed harder when in need of power to overtake
    - Could do with a mirror for driver's sun visor
    - More adjustability for driver's seat would be welcome - I'm struggling to find ample support for my thighs during drives and I'm not a particularly tall person
    - Built-in GPS could be improved
    - Smart Link doesn't work for phones running anything higher than Android 8.0 [makes me tempted to buy external plug & play alternatives]
    - Rattling sounds can be heard occasionally, either from passenger door and boot
    - Additional gear(s) is a welcome addition - current 4 spd auto is just decent but not a wow factor when other cars in this price range have more modern gearboxes
    - Bluetooth audio player volume can be too soft even when volume is set to maximum
    - Car can be quite unstable when taking bends at speeds slightly higher than the speed limit [spirited driving]
    - Gear Up package for rear [Chrome Bits] not to everyone's taste
To improve
- Better built-in touch screen and GPS software would be a welcome fix for future models
- Android 9.0 compatibility for Smart Link to work well
- Noise insulation for doors could be improved
- More colour options is more than welcome
Yes, I would recommend this car

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