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Generation Mk1 Facelift (2014-Present)

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RM 2,136.95 /month
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Date Reviewed
22 February 2015
5008 (2012)
Bought new, Owned for 2 Years
Fuel Economy: 8.8 km/litre (11.4 L/100 km), RON95, Mileage: 1,200 km/month
    - Powerful for a 1.6 engine
    - Attractive design
    Constant breakdown. Less than 2 years, the following issues: --

    1) Temperature sensor faulty, need to tow the car back to repair. (before the 1st Service)
    2) Aircond not working. Need 1 FULL day to diagnose the problem. I did managed to talk to another owner (Peugeot 3008), his car less than a month, he has been going in and out of the workshop to repair his aircond for 4 times.
    3) High Pressure Pump broke down.
    4) Coolant dried-up but couldn't find the leak. (in April 2014).
    5) Rubber around the door opening turn green after 2 month, still not replace as of now.
    6) Power window channel problem, the window make sound when winding down the window. Almost 2 years still had not replace yet. I made the complain 2 months after receiving the car.
    7) Battery die in less than 2 years. It will cost you RM600 for the battery replacement. And it took them (Glenmarie Service Centre) almost 1 day to just change the battery!

    Although this is cover under the warranty (5 years) but you had to take time off to repair it.

    Very high depreciation rate, I bought the car for about 160k, sold it off for 77k. 51.9% value depreciation after 19 months! Understand that most European car will have poor depreciation rate but bought it with the intention to keep for a "long" time, didn't expect the car giving us so much problem that I need to sell it so soon.
To improve
Unless they improve on the product! Nothing much they can do.
No, I would not recommend this car

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