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Generation P6-90A (2016-Present)

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RM 760.13 /month
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Date Reviewed
12 October 2017
1.4 Executive AT (2015)
Bought new, Owned for 1 Year
Fuel Economy: 11.7 km/litre (8.5 L/100 km), RON95, Mileage: 1,000 km/month
    Nice interior, all plastic & fabric is of better quality
    No instrument clutter, all info is presented in simple direct way and fuel & temp meter is in analog which is nice
    Comfortable seat, ample padding to back & thigh, ample legroom until the 3rd row for average Malaysian height (my height is 170cm)
    Having 2-row overhead aircond unit is a godsend, 2nd & 3rd-row passenger will be happy during hot weather.
    2nd-row armrest adding to the comfort
    Ample boot space for light travel even with full (6-7) passenger, hidden compartment under the boot can add to the space.
    The seat can easily fold to accommodate extra space. HUGE space if all backseat folded.
    Smooth and silent engine but revvy in nature.
    Good torque until 100kmh. If you are aggressive to the gas pedal, this car will nonchalantly rev to 4000rpm (max torque output of 130nm) and over.
    Very good NVH, ride is very comfortable
    Door closing with a convincing ‘THUD’ sound which is giving an impression of quality.
    Have the switch for headlamp level adjustment
    Right side signal stick is on the right side which is convenient to use unlike the usual left side of Proton.
    A nudge on the signal stick will light the signal 3 times which is easy to use for changing lane.
    Door can be sticky to close especially the back bonnet door. Need to bang hard to get it closed.
    Beige interior albeit nice looking can be easily dirty. Applying fabric coating protection early on is recommended.
    Infotainment is a bit basic.
    The reflector on the back door (which connect the lamp to the chrome trim) looks like an afterthought job. Proton should make it functional or ditch it all together.
    Only 1 proper cup holder for the cabin side. The bottle holder on the door can be a makeshift cup holder but it’s a bit inconvenient to reach.
    The fog light switch is a bit weird as the switch on the signal stick is for the back while for the front you need to press the switch near the headlamp level adjustment. It should be the other way round.
To improve
The Suzuki Ertiga on the Indian & Indonesia market comes with all the latest infotainments gadget and even push start button, and proton should apply the same spec for the plus variant.
Add VSC system
Proton should bring the Diesel & Hybrid variant here, it will be selling like a hot cake!
Yes, I would recommend this car

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