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Proton Persona P2-21A MC (2019-Present)

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12 December 2019
1.6 Standard CVT (2019)
Bought new, Owned for 1 Year
Fuel Economy: 16.0 km/litre (6.3 L/100 km), RON95, Mileage: 5,000 km/month
    Value for money. 46.6k for an auto B segment sedan is unheard of. Mind you the Bezza is A segment only.
    Boot space is so large, never had the chance to stuff it to the max. FYI, Persona's boot is 2 litre bigger than Preve.
    Love the meter display even though mine has no multicoloured. Very VW like.

    FC, I live in Putrajaya, working at Shah Alam. Everyday commute through Elite Highway, traffic jams and all. My average FC is 6.3L/100km. Which is about 16km/L. Not bad when you consider the traffic and size of body.
    My best FC was 5.0L/100km balik kampung at 90-100km/h.
    The material used inside the cabin is ok. Textured eventho hard plastics. I like how they mold the steering wheel rims.. Everywhere you put your hands feel nice. The fabric seat also feels very premium. Found out the material is the same with my friends' Jazz.

    Noise insulation is ok at<110km/h.
    I was an Anti CVT when I drove the Saga FLX and Persona before facelift, but the re-calibration works wonder. Love it now. Just needs time to adjust my driving style.
    I'd gladly trade bootspace for rear occupants space. I mean it's not bad at the back, but if you compare to almera and city, it's quite smaller for rear passengers.
    They changed the meter display, which is great. The not so great part is there are 3 switches to operate all of the functions. The pre-facelift car anly need 2. Might sound stupid, but yeah, for me, one step too many.
    The standard Silverstone Kruizer tyres are only adequate for dry weather. I lost the back end a few times now in the wet at speed. Doesn't give me the full confidence.
    The upgraded head unit sounds flat even with heavy metal tuning and loud function turned on. The previous generation sounds much better.
    Was shocked at the blind spot area. Quite big.
    Fuel tank at 40litre is a bit small for this size of car.
To improve
Proton can improve by looking at Honda how they package their product. They've been always clever at maximising passenger space with limited outer shell area.
Yes, I would recommend this car