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Generation P2-21A MC (2019-Present)

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RM 568.25 /month
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Date Reviewed
14 April 2020
1.6 Premium CVT (2018)
Bought new, Owned for 1 Year
Fuel Economy: 16.5 km/litre (6.1 L/100 km), RON95, Mileage: 1,000 km/month
    - Bang for the buck. With RM55k (east malaysia) there are no car that could give you the same performance in both power and ride, practicality, feature, and space.
    - CVT is smooth. Miles better than 2011 saga flx CVT, and even comparable to my 2015 Myvi 4AT. On hilly climbs, the CVT perform very well giving the best power without gear hunting.
    - Engine is very punchy. Floor at 4000 rpm and you get all 150nm torque. Climbing the Kimanis hill is effortless for this car.
    -Spacious. Can sit 4 adults+1 kid comfortably, the boot is very large too. Balik kampung with all 5 person luggage, still have 40% space to bring plenty full fruit back home.
    -Convenient feature. GKUI nicely responsive and packs good usability. Voice command helps me when i drive alone.
    -Fuel efficiency comparable to my Myvi 1.5
    -Safety is superb. Have 6 airbags i hope i would not ever use, ESC, TC, HHA is useful too.
    -Being the premium variant, a 16 inch rim should be available. 15 is enough and affordable but most premium buyer buys this variant because they have sufficient monthly income.
    -Rear legroom a bit cramped. Even 3th gen myvi have more space in the back seats.
    -Bumper to bumper movement still have a slight delay. When release the brake,the car need 0.3 sec to start rolling.
    -Stock silverstone tires are rubbish. On my first 500km, wheel spin happens almost all the times on damp roads.
To improve
-NVH is good, they could do better with wheel well insulation
-Make premium feels premium. Include an option for 16"rims, led headlamp.
-AEB should be develop for this car. Even the axia have this feature.
Yes, I would recommend this car