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Dual-clutch Automatic (Wet)
RM 2,842.07 /month
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Dual-clutch Automatic (Wet)
RM 2,922.10 /month
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Dual-clutch Automatic (Wet)
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Dual-clutch Automatic (Wet)
RM 3,028.82 /month
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RM 3,082.18 /month
RM 231,060.00 price when new Compare
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Date Reviewed
8 December 2015
Advanced 5-Door with Tech Pack (2011)
Bought new, Owned for 3 Years
Fuel Economy: 14.0 km/litre (7.1 L/100 km), RON97, Mileage: 1,600 km/month
    1.Performance is superb with class leading power. When I wanted to buy my car, i decided to buy the Mercedes A250 sport which is almost same performance to the GTI. Than when the GTI was launched i decided to give it a try eventhough numerous rumours of the DSG problem. When i test drove both rivals, the GTI won my heart. Its power was uncomparable to the A250. It didn't feel like a 220hp car. It felt like 250hp when i drove the Golf R 6 of my friends once. So to say, the GTI and R had similar power but the R is more quicker. I managed to reach 247km/h in this hatch. Acceleration is flawless with a 6 speed Dual clutch wet gearbox with tiptronic and paddle shifts. The DSG adds a sports mode where the power is boosted for a sporty drive ideal when you have heavy things in the car.

    2. Ride and handling is very good with the sports suspension tuned from a sports car. I can say is that the gti and audi TT have the same characteristic in terms of power and handling. But I felt the GTI was better than the TT in performance and the TT has better handling than the GTI. I feel confident when driving on highspeeds of up to 210km/h(if u don't look at the speedo than youre gonna exceed 220km/h as its quick. And the tech pack adds dcc where you can slightly adjust the suspension setup. It has 5 modes which are Sports, Comfort, Normal, Eco and Individual. Comfort and Nomal i cant find differences much as both feel comfortable(not comfortable as a Teana or camry). U can use this when you're on a long drive and tired, use this to reduce your fatigue. Sports mode(suspension not the gearbox) hardens the cars suspension for a sporty drive(like a bmw m6 kinda handling) and its usually best in hihhways when you're enjoying your drive. Im not sure about eco as i haven't test it yet and finally individual lets you customize the suspension the way you like it.

    3.Safety is good with 7 airbags and so many features. The electric parking brake is fun to use. And when you activate it the brake calipers make a sound like you're in a plane about to take off. Pretty much features and its fun.

    4.The looks are pretty cool but the A250 wins here. The GTI is still a looker thanks to the 18" austin rims, low roof line, LED headlamps and the Led fog lights housing which has an intake design integrated. The taillamps design is ok but i would love the LED ones found in international markets. The GTI badging is alsk nice and without the golf letterings makes it different to other models. The dual exhaust finishers characters the car of a sports and beautiful lookin car. The interior has a unique design better than the boring interior of the GTI 6. The front door unlocking latch has a red Led strip glowing at night (you can see this in the gallery section). The 5.8" composition media has nifty feature like fuel consumption, performance, and the DCC settings in it. The sound system is pretty cool but I would love if it had dynaudio like in the R and CC. Spaciousness is pretty ok for the driver and passenger. Im 6'2(188cm) and I can stretch my legs fully but compromising the rear seats though. I cant do this in Nissan Teana j32. I can only ferry 3 people including me but if your short than you'll be happy. The multi info displays your speed and other infos. It can also let you check your 0-100 time as well which is pretty cool.
    Before i start let me remind you its not for comfort driving. If so lets continue. I feel the performance can tweaked more for power but its still ok. The looks is still not up to date but its getting there. VW should make optional items for this car like keyless ignition and keyless entry, panoramic roof, LED rear headlights and a styling kit. The gti's headlamps has two U shape pattern which is the led. But only one works which is the one housing the projector lights. I dont know why is this but it feels ugly and useless. Other markets its working its not. VW should have had LED taillights for this model as well. The wipers cannot be made to stand( for drying) as the front hood covers it. The sound system should have come with DYNaudio or optional as well. I feel the car should have come with a boost conrrol like in the mazda 3mps and a boost gauge like in the Ford Focus ST. Thats pretty much i can tell as I love the car a lot.
To improve
Have optional items not only for this but for expensive models so that customers can enjoy. Bring in a facelft model. I feel it should come with LED headlights, Panoramic sunroof, the 8" infotainment system like in the R at an optional cost and a boost gauge as well for the driver. Service centre staffs should be more polite to people as they are arrogant thinking we people are poor as I have made complains and the staff was sacked after few days.
No, I would not recommend this car

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