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Date Reviewed
27 December 2015
Ghibli (2014)
Bought new, Owned for 1 Year
Fuel Economy: 7.0 km/litre (14.3 L/100 km), RON97, Mileage: 1,000 km/month
    I've been a big fan of D segment/E segment sedans from Continental brands, especially the Germans, but this is my first experience with having an Italian manufactured car. I didn't get a chance to fulfil the dream of a new Alfa since they've closed up here, and probably won't ever anytime soon, so a couple of years later I've been lucky to be able to get the Ghibli from the sister brand, Maserati.

    First thing that immediately got me was the power this car has. This is the "base" engine, not the higher output Ghibli S but boy did it not feel like it was a poverty spec engine. Be it in Sport, Increased Control and Efficiency or even Normal mode, the car really can pull, more effortlessly than a 535i in my opinion, when you give it the beans. The sheer usability of the eco mode (in the form of Increased Control and Efficiency), was rather surprising as on the Germans that I have had in the past, the Eco mode really dulled the car down too much.

    Handling wise, once again you know the Ghibli was built for the curves. Suspension is very well judged for the driver, and considering this came with the SkyHook adaptive suspension system, it was nice that the Sport suspension mode really worked. Curves above the highway speed limit didn't feel like it was going to upset the car's balance, and the steering felt very confidence inspiring at speed, something some of the German sedans have lacked in recent times.

    The Ghibli is nothing short of gorgeous to look at, compared to it's rivals. By far, in terms of imposing looks, the Ghibli's front end takes the cake, while the A6 (with Matrix LED) and 5 series come in second and third place, and the E class going for a more friendly face. The car is very well proportioned and you can sense that a lot of effort was put into the design of the car, both inside and out.

    Speaking of the insides, this is where the difference of a Maserati shines. Seats are very comfortable and well padded, if slightly a bit too much lumbar support compared to other brands. The leather work for the dash is stunning and so is the beautiful wood trim. Not many manufacturers do a non glossy wood, which was why I was quite surprised to see it in the Maserati. It pairs really well with the cognac coloured leather, and just makes the cabin stand out. It is a practical cabin too, I had no problems with the centre console that is much larger than the one on the 5 series or the glovebox as well. One thing to note, almost every surface is either wrapped with leather or made out of a soft touch material, unlike the rivals.

    Price wise, the Ghibli is of course on the pricey end of the scale, but on the grand scheme of things, it does ring in cheaper than a new 535i (used to be around 600k), but it is more than both the E400 and the A6 3.0TFSi, both being below 500k.Having said that, when you consider the Maserati exclusivity, luxury touches, and the design of the car, suddenly it's not really that bad of a pill to swallow.

    If that's not enough, the sound of the Ghibli is what sold me the car. From the time you start, to the time you first press the throttle, you know you are in for something. None of the rest gives a gloriously smooth V6 sound, and for once, a turbo engine that doesn't sound like a leaf blower-vacuum cleaner (looking at you BMW M3 F80), its really something.
    Alas, while being a driver's car, it is a bit biased to the driver. For a start, the exhaust while sounds great and even better when Sport is on (which opens the exhaust valves), it gets very drone-y in the rear seats, something to consider if you aren't the only one in the car every day. Also, rear ride comfort is a bit rough, especially in Sport on our poor roads.

    The infotainment system (Maserati Touch Control) is a joke of the highest order, putting it next to the Jaguar touchscreen. Slow, incompetent and lacks any apps or internet features unlike the Germans. The base audio system is a complete nightmare as well, it is almost shocking how they got away with this cause the available B&W system is very very good.

    Quality wise, it is ok but a hit and miss, for example on my unit, the rear sunshade jammed recently, which is quite shocking for a car with 3000kms or so. In terms of cabin tech, it is lacking too, when you consider the competition has so many more gadgets.
To improve
Quality could be improved ASAP. In addition probably a retuned exhaust would help too.

The Malaysian arm needs to add more gadgets and offer a better warranty - service package as well to attract buyers.
Yes, I would recommend this car

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