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Perodua Alza D27A (2022-Present) Expert Review

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Date Reviewed
19 August 2022
Ride & Handling
Overall Rating

The Alza is the best family car option below RM100k, and not just among MPVs. It's top in safety, rich in features, and has good space and versatility. There's even no sacrifice in drivability compared to a B-sedan/hatch. Superb value.

  • 1.5L D-CVT combo is efficient, economical
  • Serene tourer, very low cruising RPM
  • Good NVH, surprising ride comfort
  • No compromise in safety approach
  • Much improved space, usable third row
  • AV is very well equipped for RM75k
  • Bare centre stack, centre console
  • Long waiting list

Efficient CVT makes the most of the NR engine's performance. Not the fastest car around, obviously, but gets up to cruising speed with no fuss. Underpowered concerns overblown as Alza AV is only 20 kg heavier than top-spec Vios with the same engine.

Ride & Handling

Clearly not a "touge" machine, but the Alza has good grip (sporty tyre choice for an MPV) and well-tamed body roll. The deliberately low ground clearance (40 mm below class average) pays dividends here - it's just like driving a B-seg car. Steering and brakes feel natural.


This could well be the best riding Perodua to date, with a stable high speed gait and good bump absorption in the city. Local suspension tune has less jiggle and hop than the Ativa. NVH is good - no unusual wind/road noises and idle is still and quiet.


Fantastic as usual from Perodua. Six airbags and ASA 3.0 standard across the range. Ativa AV's Matrix LEDs and L2 ADAS suite are present here, and the ACC now has low speed follow. Alza AV is first Perodua to have rear disc brakes as part of EPB with auto brake hold. The latter is good help in daily urban driving.


Cabin is much bigger than the old Alza's. Great legroom for mid row when used as a 5-seater, with big range of recline and 3-speed blower. Third row is usable for adults and one-touch tumble fold gives easy access. Low GC means one doesn't have to climb into the car - a boon for elderly passengers.


The amount of car and kit one gets for the money (RM75.5k for the AV) is astounding. All of the Ativa's equipment are here, plus P2-first stuff like the EPB with brake hold, 360-cam and a slicker head unit with Apple CarPlay/Android Auto. It's also RM20k cheaper than the Toyota Veloz.