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Perodua Ativa D55L (2021-Present)

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RM 833.71 /month
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Expert Review

Date Reviewed
3 December 2023
Ride & Handling
Perodua's most advanced and refined model to date has an efficient powertrain, funky boxy styling in and out and all the safety you can ask for. Not quite perfect, but the Ativa is a lot of car for the money, and a good car as well.
  • Good pace from turbo engine
  • Cruising refinement
  • Unprecedented safety kit
  • Superb adaptive LED headlamps
  • A lot of car for the money
  • Low speed ride comfort
  • Perceptible vibration at idle
  • No steering telescopic adjustment
  • Compact cabin means it's not for all

Latest Owner Review

Date Reviewed
20 June 2023
1.0 AV CVT (2021)
Bought new, Owned for 1 Year
Fuel Economy: 9.0 km/litre (11.1 L/100 km), RON95, Mileage: 700 km/month
    1. The Ativa is a pocket SUV that gets you from A to Z, through muddy puddles and KL floods and rough terrains going up to your favorite off-road cycling site. And it does it in comfort without rattling your bones or breaking a sweat.
    2. It has a tall roofline which gives a very roomy feel. This also has a psychological effect on occupants especially on long distance journeys such as your weekend drive to Raub for durian.
    3. The air conditioning is brilliant. Often reminds me of the first generation Proton Saga which left us kids freezing in the back seat.
    4. Fuel economy is subjective, depending pretty much on how far you push the pedal. It is acceptable for a mini SUV. I find fueling the car with RON97 does give it better mileage and obviously, a tad more power over the RON95.
    5. The digital dash has all the right displays at the right positions. Some may not like the horizontal disc shape RPM meter as some people - like me (oldies) prefer an analog looking digital RPM meter to remind us where the redline is.
    6. Seats are comfortable, it is of the right size and easy to maintain.
    1. Drive it uphill and it screams murder. The engine's scream can scare everyone, even for someone who is used to 8,500rpm civic FD2R owners
    2. Plasticky feel in the cabin, especially the side handle where guys like me would rest my knee on. There are some sharp edges that could have been molded better.
    3. You can hear almost anything and everything that happens underneath the car. I am guessing the noise cancellation is not superior to Myvi, which is priced cheaper.
    4. A miserable rear view camera reminds me of my earlier Nokia camera phone.
    5. Plastik bungkus hook is gone. I cannot "gantung" my teh ais bungkus.
    6. No DRLs as standard.
To improve
1. DCT gearbox over the CVT. Better performance and perhaps better fuel consumption, albeit slightly more expensive.
2. Soft plastic would be nice in the cabin.
3. Improved sound insulation especially on the floorboard and doors
4. Surround cameras.
5. "Teh Ais Bungkus" plastic hook should make a comeback
6. DRLs on the top models should be standard and not an option with bodykit
Yes, I would recommend this car

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