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Perodua Ativa D55L (2021-Present)

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RM 820.37 /month
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Expert Review

Date Reviewed
12 September 2022
Ride & Handling
Perodua's most advanced and refined model to date has an efficient powertrain, funky boxy styling in and out and all the safety you can ask for. Not quite perfect, but the Ativa is a lot of car for the money, and a good car as well.
  • Good pace from turbo engine
  • Cruising refinement
  • Unprecedented safety kit
  • Superb adaptive LED headlamps
  • A lot of car for the money
  • Low speed ride comfort
  • Perceptible vibration at idle
  • No steering telescopic adjustment
  • Compact cabin means it's not for all

Latest Owner Review

Date Reviewed
29 May 2023
1.0 AV CVT (2022)
Bought new, Owned for 3 Years
Fuel Economy: 12.0 km/litre (8.3 L/100 km), RON95, Mileage: 2,000 km/month
    - Smooth shifting DCVT gearbox. Manual shifting up to 7th gear for decent highway cruising with low RPM
    - 1.0L engine with turbo adequate to climb Bukit Fraser and vibration is unnoticeable. Fuel consumption is averaged, urban driving usually 11.5-12.7km/L.
    - very high tech safety specification. front collision auto braking helps to avoid several collision. ADAS is enjoyable during highway cruising. 6 airbags.
    - AC cooler than other Perodua cars since i have owned Alza and Myvi.
    - confortable and adequate space for family up to 3 childrens
    - sportiest car made by Perodua
    - superb headlight for rural night driving
    - wobbling and bouncy suspension especially with full pax / luggage in the car.
    - shorter rear seat and cannot fully support thigh. Adult at 2nd row will feel not comfortable during long journey.
    - Lousy LCD head unit that has no Android/Apple car play, poor radio reception.
    - Thin body paint, chip stone can easily scratch the paint. even cat scratches can leave permanent mark on the body. Need at least fusso or ceramic coating for paint protection.
    - car seat pvc leather can leave torn marks
To improve
- change to aftermarket LCD
- experiment with various fuel companies until you found your satisfying FC
- Perodua need to redesign second row seat; longer thigh support and more recline with body contour back rest
Yes, I would recommend this car