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Perodua Ativa D55L (2021-Present)

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RM 833.71 /month
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Expert Review

Date Reviewed
3 December 2023
Ride & Handling
Perodua's most advanced and refined model to date has an efficient powertrain, funky boxy styling in and out and all the safety you can ask for. Not quite perfect, but the Ativa is a lot of car for the money, and a good car as well.
  • Good pace from turbo engine
  • Cruising refinement
  • Unprecedented safety kit
  • Superb adaptive LED headlamps
  • A lot of car for the money
  • Low speed ride comfort
  • Perceptible vibration at idle
  • No steering telescopic adjustment
  • Compact cabin means it's not for all

Latest Owner Review

Date Reviewed
5 April 2024
1.0 AV CVT (2021)
Bought new, Owned for 3 Years
Fuel Economy: 10.0 km/litre (10.0 L/100 km), RON95, Mileage: 2,000 km/month
    � Ride is actually surpisingly comfortable, granted this is dependant on ones personal taste.
    � Power is not bad, enough for a city car
    � Steering wheel feels so good to hold, its very ergonomic for my hands
    � Car feels quite connected to the road based on steering wheel feedback on low speed
    � Can accelerate to 150kmph relatively easily
    � Safety systems are all very usefull especiall RCTA, BSM and the ACC
    � Headlights are bright and illuminate the roads well at night
    � NVH is honestly not bad
    � Low stability at high speed
    � Steering wheel feedback sucks when you go over 130kmph
    � Boot space is quite small
    � Having 5 passangers in car even without luggage means there will be a lot of bobbing around since the suspension system cant handle that much weight
    � Power can be very sluggish from stop and go, also uphill climb can feel sluggish
    � CVT can and will overheat if you push it
    � Engine noise and CVT noise is excessive at high RPM, makes a supercharger whine which is kinda funny ngl
    � Conering means a lot of body roll
To improve
� Improve chassis rigidity
� Improve power, if conti car 1.0L Turbo engines can hit 200Nm torque why cant the Ativa be 160-170? Also let the turbo spool at a much lower RPM or else stop and go will feel very sluggish
� Improve suspension system so can handle more weight
� Add Radar system please so we can have stop and go traffic ACC
� Adding ambient lights would be nice
Yes, I would recommend this car

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