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Date Reviewed
12 February 2020
1.8 TGDI Premium 2WD (2018)
Bought new, Owned for 1 Year
Fuel Economy: 8.0 km/litre (12.5 L/100 km), RON95, Mileage: 1,000 km/month
    - NVH is top notch which minimal road and wind noise. I've owned vehicles twice the price and their NVH can't match the X70.
    - The included driver assists such as blind spot, active cruise control and lane keeping is unheard off at this price range.
    - Suspension is rather firm and makes the vehicle feel planted. There is some added confidence when going into corners yet still has some comfort when driving.
    - The nappa leather seats provides much need comfort but you need to find your sweet spot before you start driving.
    - Included USB port for dash camera is a welcome feature.
    - The on-board assistant helps a lot when I want to operate basic things like controlling the AC and sunroof. I can keep my eyes on the road while asking the assistant to do simple tasks for me.
    - Engine has a decent pull for the vehicle size and weight.
    - Fuel consumption is terrible. I'm getting about 12.4L/100km and I get around 300km per tank using RON95 in 100% city driving using Normal mode and with not much heavy acceleration.
    - The 6AT gearbox emits a whirring sound at low speeds between gears 1 and 2 when I gently apply throttle which is sounds as if the gears have some sort of extra friction.
    - The boot needs some effort to open and close. Women will find it hard to operate.
    - Nappa leather may be damaged if you have a child seat as the anchor points are located between the leather seat recessed area.
    - Head unit with Geely GKUI isn't that great and the Baidu maps need a lot more improvement to be on par with Google Maps or Waze.
    - The Active Cruise Control does not have low speed follow during traffic jams.
    - The Kenwood subwoofer is almost useless in the boot. There is no bass at all and doesn't complement the rest of the sound setup.
    - All doors swing out too easily. I damaged my door paint due to this.
To improve
- Much needed 7 speed DCT in the CKD units may address the fuel consumption and gearbox whirring sounds. - Power boot to be included for easier operation. - ISOFIX points should have been designed to be tucked away with clips instead if being sandwiched between the leather seats. - Include a better subwoofer as the other speakers are good. - Include option to use Android Auto and Apple Car Play. - To included better hinges for the doors to stop the doors from swinging out too easily.
Yes, I would recommend this car