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Latest Owner Review

Date Reviewed
26 November 2017
1.6 Turbo (2016)
Bought new, Owned for 1 Year
Fuel Economy: 13.5 km/litre (7.4 L/100 km), RON97, Mileage: 2,500 km/month
    -Exterior looks handsome, same not over design, clean line, functional and less decor. It is a mature looking car but not boring.
    -Best handling compare among same segment car, at least for me, and that is one of the reason I pick this car. Suspension is firm compare to non-sport variant, might not suit every person taste.
    -Engine power is punchy and max torque come in early from 1500rpm, paired with 7 speed DCT transmission, make it an interesting car to play with.
    -I'm using CVT car previously, the 7 speed DCT transmission feel smooth at most circumstances. On stop go traffic, the transmission will mostly keep it in Gear 2 depending on speed, no gear hunting.
    -Fuel consumption is ok, it will depends on your right foot. As it is a 1600cc turbo car, drive it smooth and you will rewarded with low fuel consumption, specially the power band is in low rpm start from 1500rpm.
    -The car absorb bump and portholes nicely.
    -Interior is clean cut and sleek, design is appealing to me and my partner without over fancy decor.
    -NVH is good, compare to the other same segment car we tested.
    -Space - Front seating space is reasonable for us, as mostly use by me and my partner only. Boot with foldable seat make up the less boot space, which we prefer over, than 1 single large boot with un-foldable seat.
    -Seat is excellent, best among same segment car we tested, good wrapping and support.
    -Safety is good, car feel solid and confident with speed and cornering. VSC, ABS, 6 Air bags, five star crash test (iihs for US spec), blind spot monitoring, Tire pressure monitoring system.
    -Value to money, yes, you will smile all the way. That's our personal experience among owner's group member.
    -An aspect we found that doesn't bother other car buyer, which is, we hate to look at car that showing bottom structure/parts when looking from rear, and this car not. It is a small details that make the exterior design looks complete and nice.
    • -Sound system is not on par with the performance, even worse than my previous Mitsubishi Attrage.
    • -interior compartment position and arrangement for example compartment for infotainment system connection is small for modern smart phone, need to get special cable to solve this problem.
    • -usb charging port is less for modern standard, even some B segment car have more usb port.
    • -Ugly and ridiculous red leather seat, which pull us back at first, until Hyundai offer option to change it to black color, but with additional RM1500 (before GST)
    -Terrible buying experience with our SA.
    -Parking sensor button, which place at left hand side of gear knob, is hard to access. The button is touch sensor type without indication it is being on (other than the warning beep).
To improve
-Better sound system
-Interior compartment can be more thoughtful
-Black leather seat option without charges
-Parking sensor button, place it above drive mode which is right hand side of gear knob for easy access.
-Add some hook in car or trunk, it is handy for daily use.
Yes, I would recommend this car

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