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MINI Electric F56 LCI 2 (2021-Present) Expert Review

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14 July 2023
Ride & Handling
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Real-world range of below 200 km means MINI Electric is limited to city use. But what a city car it is. EV characteristics go well with MINI's nimble feet, point-and-shoot nature. Range anxiety is real in this car, but is moot if you have home charging. Resolute Edition goodies add to the charm. Not for everyone though - either you get it or you don't.

  • EV characteristics go well with MINI's point-and-shoot nature
  • Instantaneous throttle response; it's fast and feels even faster
  • Eager little fun car to drive - quick steering, no roll, high grip
  • Resolute Edition adds to the charm, if you get the car in the first place
  • Short range - below 200 km real world, and that's with gentle driving
  • Range limits it to being a city car, even if you have home charging
  • Poor value if you're being objective, comparing EV specs/range
  • Typical MINI downsides of small cabin, low practicality, relatively firm ride

Strong performance as expected. EV-style big shove of torque from rest means it's fast, sensation of speed augmented by MINI size. Range is poor though - below 200 km even if you don't drive it like a go-kart. Home charging is a prerequisite.

Ride & Handling

Typical MINI nature of quick steering, flat cornering and high grip applies. EV characteristics complement, add to the unique MINI experience. Ride is on the firm side, which is part of the usual package, and not to the point of being annoying.


If you've not been in a MINI for some time, they have decent refinement these days, closer to a premium exec than the rowdy OG BMW MINI. Definitely 'dailiable'. Cabin is cozy and ride is on the firm side but that's all part of the MINI package.


The basics of six airbags and AEB/LDW are here, but it's not a full ADAS package that's now standard on cars half the MINI's price.


No one buys a MINI 3-door for space or practicality, which is why they made the 5-door and Countryman. Great personal car for two with emergency seats cum auxiliary boot. Small footprint is a boon for cut/thrust city driving and parking.


Objectively, RM211k is too much money for a car this small, with the lowest range of all EVs officially sold in Malaysia. But MINIs have never been value buys, more like lifestyle toys. If you already like the MINI SE, the Resolute Edition goodies add to the charm