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Date Reviewed
11 July 2014
2.0L GDI (2013)
Bought used, Owned for 1 Year
Fuel Economy: 12.0 km/litre (8.3 L/100 km), RON95, Mileage: 1,000 km/month
    A rather decent tourer. Considering that not many buy tourers in Malaysia, this is a welcome move that Hyundai is bringing the tourer in. For me, it is the most beautiful wagon out there especially the back, unlike on some other wagons that look like got strapped on a sedan.

    Interior space is huge, the rear seat is big and comfortable. It would make a perfect family car. The car is super safe too with 9 airbags and 5 star safety. Quality is not too bad as this is a CBU unit, and it priced pretty well. Though the leather used feels a bit cheap.

    In terms of toys, you do get a lot for your money, with reverse camera, power boot, all LED rear brake lights, pretty decent looking rims and all as standard. The power train used is a very modern unit too, with GDI but no turbo. It's not too bad, and the transmission shifts pretty well. Paddle shifts are there too. You also get a huge sunroof that is simply amazing, especially if it rains, you can see the droplets falling on the glass. Really looks nice inside and out.

    What's nice is for a tourer, I never feel intimidated by it, although it is the first time I am actually with one, and not a regular 3 box sedan. You don't find the car very massive and parking is not too bad considering there are both front and rear sensors with parking diagram too. The auto hold feature is brilliant too so you can take your foot of the brake and the car will not move when stopped.

    It is a generally quiet car and does not feel too heavy actually as you go around a corner thanks to the European tuned suspension, considering its a tourer. Considering the savings from road tax, fuel and initial purchase price, I would say it is a better buy than the Santa Fe petrol 2.4 actually.

    There is an optional sport pack but that is just for plastic bits. Nothing much extra, so the base model is actually good enough.
    Aftersales by Hyundai Malaysia is a hit and miss. Service to defect rectification is generally slow and a bit unprofessional. This is despite taking it to a Hyundai 3S centre. The warranty is not a full 5 year warranty, but rather a 3 years bumper to bumper warranty, then the last 2 years are actually just for the power train and is an insurance warranty. Service cost is not cheap at Hyundai service too, compared to Japanese makes.

    The rear entertainment screen is a complete waste of money as it really feels cheap. You are better off putting 2 iPads there with car kits instead. Also the head unit is a bit unresponsive compared to the one in the Veloster.

    The lack of a turbo engine is noticeable. Even without much load, the power is OK, but if you do load it up, it could struggle a bit. A diesel engine would be better or a 2.0 Turbo GDI instead, to help in fuel economy under heavy load.

    Handling is so-so mostly due to the vague steering. The lack of any feel is a bit disappointing but again, this is not a sports car. It would be nice if Hyundai retuned it, making it much nicer to drive especially on long journeys and in the twisty roads.

    It is a very practical and nice to live with car, but not as exciting as the design is. Also, I guess Hyundai could have taken the money invested in the Leader card thing and returned it by reducing the cost of the car, as i felt it was a bit of a waste.

    It would be nice if Hyundai also offered a different colour scheme for the leather as the black seems to make the interior a bit claustrophobic when the panoramic roof is closed. I would have preferred an almond leather colour, with a nicer leather finish. Though the claustrophobic effect is mitigated by the huge sunroof.
To improve
Aftersales need to be improved ASAP, as that is the biggest link in such a decent car.

Also do bring in at least the 2.2 diesel CRDI or the 2.0 Turbo GDI too, and a nicer leather finish.
Yes, I would recommend this car

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