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Date Reviewed
5 June 2018
Ride & Handling
HEV Plus (2015)
Bought new, Owned for 1 Year
Fuel Economy: 21.0 km/litre (4.8 L/100 km), RON95, Mileage: 2,000 km/month
    Fuel Economy
    Impressive economy averaging about 21km/litre. I drive mostly in an urban environment and make a weekly highway trip to KL (approx 400km). I can get a range of about 750km on a full tank of petrol (probably can go further to about 800km+ but not willing to risk running out of fuel)

    Well put together interior with abundant soft touch materials on main touch points e.g dashboard, door cards, arm rests, centre storage compartment.
    Seats are very comfortable with electrical adjustment (includes lumbar support) for the driver.
    Adequate leg room at the back and rear air conditioning vents.

    Very decent power/torque for city and highway driving. Switching into sport mode gives a significant boost of power. 6 speed DCT gearbox is very smooth. The engine also switches very smoothly in between full EV mode and normal (engine+motor). You barely notice it.
    Handling is great with plenty of grip though I rarely throw the car into corners.
    NVH insulation is good even with 17in tires

    Full complement of airbags (7) and advanced driver aids. ( AEB, Lane Keeping Assist, Blind spot Monitor, Rear Cross traffic alerts and Adaptive cruise control)
    Lane Keeping Assistant features active steering correction which is pretty helpful in maintaining your lane.
    Adaptive cruise control responds well to the car in front changing speeds.
    Blind spot monitor is a bit too sensitive but its nice to have it.

    Large door bins and multiple storage compartments.
    Boot size is decent, but shallow due to a full sized spare tire being fitted.
    Rear seats fold down flat for added space.
    All round parking sensors with park assist plus a reverse cam make parking a breeze.
    The original infotainment system has been replaced with an aftermarket system which is not very user friendly. However you can fit a sim card or use your phone as a hot spot to access Waze/Googlemaps.
    Only 1 USB port but 2 12V sockets. Would have preferred more USB ports.
    The reverse camera feed has over saturated colors and low definition when compared to other car makes
To Improve
Fit the original Hyundai infotainment system back in the car
Otherwise this car feels very well made and equipped for the asking price. Even the cheaper HEV base variant is very well equipped for this price range.
Yes, I would recommend this car
Date Reviewed
21 March 2017
Ride & Handling
HEV Plus (2015)
Bought new, Owned for 1 Year
Fuel Economy: 19.7 km/litre (5.1 L/100 km), RON95, Mileage: 1,700 km/month
    I'm in love with this car. I got it about a month ago, and am constantly impressed.

    Lane Keeping Assist
    Whenever the lane lines are clear on the road, i can keep my grip on the steering wheel a bit loose, and can feel the car steer itself all the way. This impresses me by how intelligent the car is, but also makes me a better driver by making sure I signal everytime I change lanes even when no one else is on the road, else the lane-departure warning beeps at me.

    Smart Cruise Control
    Coupled with the LKAS above, the car practically drives itself on the highway.

    Superb. The driver's seat is multi-adjustable with lumbar support. Coupled with the leather seats, I've been okay with getting stuck in traffic (though maybe that's the allure of being in a new car, but it IS very comfy). The fact that there's so little noise all around does add to the comfort, something about noise levels and wellbeing and all. I can say that every part of the car, from the arm rests on the doors to the buttons on the dashboards are well thought out and well positioned.

    This car is absolutely beautiful. I didn't realise how big the rear looks until i parked it beside a Chinese restaurant and realised the ass dwarfed every car beside it. Possibly because of the fact this car is still pretty much like a rare unicorn (not many on the road right now), it gets a lot of second looks whenever I park anywhere. While the Honda City does look very distinct and has the "wow" factor, the Ioniq doesn't lose out in terms of classiness or attractiveness.

    Fuel Economy:
    I travel around KL city a lot - meetings and such - and rack up close to 400km - 500km a week. However, I find i only need to refuel every two weeks. In the beginning I tried altering my driving style to maximise fuel economy, but reverted to my normal driving style after a couple of weeks. I like driving fast and getting up to 100km above as soon as possible. While i won't achieve the above 20km/l average that some other Ioniq drivers have gotten - due to my somewhat aggressive driving style - but it still does manage to be a great fuel saver.

    Driving experience
    This car is a joy to drive. It hugs curves and corners very well even at high speed - something I've tried over at Kerinchi and Penchala Link (I won't mention how fast I went as I don't want to get arrested!). Switch over Sports mode and you've got a Beast - but of course, it fuel economy goes down a tad. But even on normal Eco mode, driving is a joy - it doesn't feel like a laggard, slow, conservative car.
    Yes, the Head Unit is kinda bright at night (which is an issue some people keep pointing out again and again), but I just turn the display off at night since there's nothing to look at anyway, except if i'm making a phone call.

    There are rattling sounds like from the left side seatbelt against the door pillar when there are no passengers, and from the boot's louvre-cover thingy sometimes when I go over bumps.

    One thing that annoys me is that if I were connected to bluetooth when I switch off the car (and that's pretty much always), the next time I start the car - since it will take awhile to connect to my phone - it defaults to AM frequency first, so there's a buzzing noise. The first time this happened I thought there was something wrong with the car until i realised it was the AM frequency's buzzing. I wish there was a setting to default to FM if bluetooth is not connected, though, but I've "solved" that by making sure the default volume for AM is always zero.
To Improve
Well, everyone mentioned the Head Unit. It'd be great if the light can be dimmed. Android Auto or Apple Carplay would be a great addition too. I've been told though that Hyundai Malaysia is looking into it, so i'll update this review at a later date once it gets resolved.
Yes, I would recommend this car

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