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Perodua Myvi D51A (2021-Present)

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Latest Owner Review

Date Reviewed
26 July 2023
1.5 AV (2021)
Bought new, Owned for 2 Years
Fuel Economy: 14.0 km/litre (7.1 L/100 km), RON95, Mileage: 1,100 km/month
    1. Active safety features that no other cars sub 60k have.
    2. Low engine rpm(2k) at 110kmh contribute to lower engine noise and better fuel efficiency at highway speed.
    3. Quick 0-100 time.
    4. Spacious rear legroom
    5. Full size spare tyre
    6. Adequate interior light.
    7. Reclinable rear seat.
    8. Auto folding mirrors.
    9. I like the new cranberry red colour, so striking.
    10. Meter cluster is nice to look at. In my opinion, analog meter with small multi function display screen is better and classier compared to fully digital cluster like in the Ativa, Alza & Axia.
    1. Subpar NVH especially the road noise, sometimes it's a bit unbearable especially when driving in the rain. When I hit puddles, sounded like my rear door is open.
    2. Rattling sound everywhere, from the engine bay, dashboard area, rear door & boot area.
    3. Very soft paint, can easily be scratched by finger nail.
    4. Headlamp not so bright, i find myself adjusting the headlamp level very frequently to see the road better at night.
    5. No option to switch off headlamp.
    6. Vibrating driver side headlamp. Already referred to SC and they say it's normal.
    7.Very dated interior compared to it's cheaper competitor.
    8. Weird interior colour combination. And the seats are too red for my liking.
    9. Handling is ok but lacking in steering feedback.
    10. Rusty drive shaft, haven't go to SC yet.
    11. Cupholders that are not really suitable for cups. Rear centre cupholders are too shallow and small, front doors cupholders are slanted, drinks will spill easily.
    12. No armrest. Long drive will be a bit tiring.
    13. Adaptive Cruise Control is too sensitive, accelerates & brakes abruptly when infront car moves in or out of the lane.
    14. Fuel consumption for city driving is not that good compared to the previous 4at model.
    15. No telescopic steering wheel adjustment, hard to adjust good driving position.
    16. Leaking oil filter after 10k service.
To improve
All of the cons that I mentioned above. I'm pretty most of the cons will be ironed out with the next gen DNGA Myvi.
Yes, I would recommend this car