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Perodua Myvi D51A (2021-Present)

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Latest Owner Review

Date Reviewed
26 June 2024
1.5 AV (2023)
Bought new, Owned for 2 Years
Fuel Economy: 16.0 km/litre (6.3 L/100 km), RON95, Mileage: 2,500 km/month
    Got it since 2023 April 1.5 AV

    1- Fuel safe improved a lot compare to before facelift. Long distance drive i can get around 500km MAX(Non stop driving). City + Highway drive around 420-450km per tank.

    2- Better sound quality while on Radio or Bluetooth.

    3- Added safety feature which is very useful such as BSM,RTCA,ADAS.

    4- Autoheadlamp is good especially for people like me who travel a lot.
    Because of my always long distance driving and my height is 180cm, i have a lot of complains coming from Myvi Gen1.

    1- Driver seats is BAD. Very uncomfortable compare to my Gen1 Myvi. Leg room too small and short causing a lot of discomfort such as left leg knocking the center console.
    Once i adjust seat to comfort my leg room, the steering is TOO FAR. Due this stupid design, i got bad hunch back.
    I always adjust my seats almost everyday.
    (Btw, i asked some owner who is around 170cm, all have the same problem)

    2- The seat size and sponge is terrible. Too soft. While i long distance drive and the lumbar of the seats bend backwards making my waist pain(changed to semi bucket seats). Your 40:60 design is just unnecessary and cause too too many discomfort for front passanger and driver.
    Rear seats using Styrofoam as support and little thin sponge. 60k price car seats giving cheap stuff. WOW!

    3- Charcoal canister vibrates terribly when my RPM is low. Slit some card board behind it to stop the noise.

    4- ACC is just useless. Once the ADAS camera detected car who come infront of me, the engine braking is very sudden and hard(luckily it happens when rear car was far away or else definitely getting RAM from behind)
    Btw, the lane keeping while using ACC is just so bad, the car just bounce left right left tight when it detect the car touched the lane while line. TERRIBLE.

    5- No android auto like Ativa or Alza. Come on la, cable connects Android auto is not too much to ask on 2023.

    6- When the car is at low speed and RPM low nearing 1000, the car jerks like learning how to drive MT car.

    7- Door cup holder is tilted front. I only can put small bottles and not drinking cup(all 4 doors)
To improve
1- Improve seats design to more ergonomic especially steering distance and room leg. 2- Improve car seat comfort(better sponge and NO MORE STYROFOAM) 3- Improve ACC user experience. No more sudden brake and ding dong left right when car reach the lane white lane 4- No more jerking. 5- Give us shifting gear options like Ativa and Alza. 6- No more stupid braindless red interior. Just too ugly and stupid. 7- No more tilted cup holder. Please add cup holder at the dashboard like Ativa.