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17 July 2019
1.3 VVT Standard CVT (2017)
Bought new, Owned for 1 Year
Fuel Economy: 13.5 km/litre (7.4 L/100 km), RON97, Mileage: 1,000 km/month
    Handling is good for its price. Some even said that the Iriz is one of the best handling cars under RM50,000. Of course the base spec Persona has a heavier body which helps to make it more stable, but still, for a mini city car like the Iriz, the handling is more than good enough.
    The width of this car is great, that means its shoulder room is so excellent that it can be compared to my Cefiro A32. Regardless of the new Myvi having wider numerical dimensions than the Iriz, the shoulder room feels the same as my Iriz but the door panels of the new Myvi are way too thin.
    The seats remind me of the Jag F-Pace's seats! Beautifully sculptured semi-bucket seats that would prove their advantage during a long road trip, alongside one of the most highly valued Whiplash headrests.
    The HPF steel is something which amazes me a lot. You cannot go to a Honda dealer and expect the salesmen to tell you that the Jazz has HPF steel. Some may complain that the heavy metal body reduces performance and increases fuel consumption. But it is essentially useful during a crash.
    The headlamps are projector instead of LED. More lasting and cheaper to replace if ever it breaks down.
    Even the base spec has alloy rims. Prevents the car from having an overly shortchanged look.
    The engine releases more power when you surpass 100km/h. Coupled with a stable chassis setup, this is the type of budget car that you should use when you want to kanjo. The car shows very minimal shaking at 160km/h. I am serious! Sometimes you do need to do some alignment for the car, but when it is in good condition, it performs and behaves blissfully. But do drive safely under most circumstances please.
    I like the deep exhaust note a lot. It adds a touch of sportiness to the car audibly.
    The door lock system is very European. Pull the door lash twice and only my own door would unlock. This prevents other doors from being opened from the outside.
    Notice I haven't talked about the design? Well, looks are subjective. The Iriz is the type of car that wouldn't exactly excite ppl based on the way it looks. But surely the exterior design has quite a striking character. A happy face with a sporty rear diffuser section, alongside quite bulging wheel arches.
    Air conditioning is so good that I don't need to install window tinting. Saves me money right?
    The left signal stalk makes the car feel very European, give me a Japanese B segment car and I did rather stick to Proton cars due to the direction of the signal stalk.
    Glovebox feels really flimsy. I understand that this is a budget car but still the quality of the glovebox could be better.
    CVT becomes undeniably loud at 120kph and above! Has Proton ever considered the hearing of their occupants?
    Do something with the rim design please. The 2016 Persona rims are really sexy, and is being used for all the three different trim levels. Why can't Proton treat Iriz the same? All of my friends have been saying that my rim design sucks. Well, I got an Iriz because admittedly I am poor. If I'm rich? I would have already gotten a better car with better rim design too.
    The suspension is a bit stiff for my liking. Please make it softer.
    Uses as much fuel as a 2.0 D segment car while it only has 94hp... At least lah bagi 15km/l. I only get less than 14km/l.
    Rear end design is a bit unappealing.
    At the moment the seats feel quite hard and I hope that as the car ages over the years, the seats would become softer. Otherwise i really feel like I'm siting on a rock.
    2 speakers? Seriously Proton? The cabin is basic enough and you dare to only provide a pair of speakers. Even the premium spec Saga has 4 speakers!
    The Iriz is not a bad car but its pricing is too close to that of the Persona. Do take note that the Premium spec Persona is actually cheaper than the Iriz. Whatever the Iriz can do, the Persona can also do. The Persona has a bigger boot and better stability. Plus being a sedan, despite it having a bit of a family car vibe, but the presence of the boot makes it feel and look a tad more expensive and premium than the Iriz.
    A Proton or Perodua user would definitely want to use RON95 because this is the most affordable choice of fuel in Malaysia. But when I use RON95 on my Iriz, power delivery becomes very unsmooth, engine becomes noisier and fuel consumption also gets worst. Hence I have to sacrifice my money and pump RON97.
To improve
Reduce the CVT whine or else your products would still fail to sell well! Add some fabric padding for the doors' armrests. Increase the font size of the meter. Improve the rear design slightly. Improve the fuel economy. By the way, I can't possibly express all of my feelings of this car here. Do checkout my Youtube channel to know more. Just search for "Andre Ng Proton Iriz".