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Date Reviewed
23 October 2018
Ride & Handling
2.0L (2015)
Bought new, Owned for 1 Year
RON95, Mileage: 1,000 km/month
    1) Proton has done a good job in redesigning the perdana's exterior.
    2) It's 5 metres long gives a premium high class look.
    3) Handling is superb for a car in this size since it has front double wishbone set-up. Stable relatively at high speed.
    4) A very spacious boot.
    5) Quite comfort ride.
    6) Sound system is just nice. 6 Speakers.
    7) Projection type headlamp and fog lamp.
    8) Spacious for rear passengers.
    9) Honda's Engine and Transmission, chasis. You know Honda is a good car makers.
    10) Irresistible car for its price.
    11) When its hot inside the car, you can just wind down all 4 windows by pressing the unlock button on the remote 2 times.
    12) All round sensors and reverse camera. 2 screens.
    13) Fuel efficient. From Klang to Melaka and back to klang in around 25 litres @ 90 - 120km/h. Still had balance fuel.
    14) Engine is very responsive at higher rpm. Pulls from 90 to 170+ km/h fast. Race with a Ranger 3.2 hehe....otw to klia airport time....
    1) Power kicks in after 2500rpm.
    2) Slight vibration when accelerating from standstill.
    3) Outside noise can be heard around 110 km/h onward.
    4) No auto fold side mirror.
To Improve
-I find this car is okay. no cars are perfect.
-Quality Control have to be more effective. Headlamp layer start peeling.
- So far the car is okay.
Yes, I would recommend this car
Date Reviewed
25 September 2018
Ride & Handling
2.0L (2014)
Bought new, Owned for 2 Years
Fuel Economy: 7.0 km/litre (14.3 L/100 km), RON95, Mileage: 2,000 km/month
    - A very spacious interior
    - Parking assist with 4 front sensors, 4 back sensors and reverse camera
    - Elegant looking Design
    - Two screen infotainment system gives it the accord feel
    - Sporty looking rims
    -Huge Boot space
    - the car 6 speakers are really good. base, treble is a 4.5/5. Thumbs up
    - No push to start and keyless entry for a 2016 car which is worth RM 118,000 is rather odd..
    - The Proton infotainment system lags or hangs when receive a call on Bluetooth. Very unstable system
    - 2.0 model doesn't come with Electronic Stability Control which even a Myvi or Axia these days has.
    - The fuel consumption is extremely bad. Very very bad, especially driving in town
    - The car pick up is rather poor. You really have to step the paddle till bottom to get a little speed. Extremely under powered car.
    - Car starts to have some rattling sound after a year at the boot area. Poor typical PROTON assembly. No proper QC
    - Being a 2016 car, it doesn't even have a computer to calculate fuel consumption, car range and etc. Even a Perodua Axia has all that.
    - Steering is a little heavy as it is still using the dinosaur age hydraulic power steering
    - No auto wipers
To Improve
- Tune the engine and gearbox to reduce fuel consumption
- Add a computer system to calculate car fuel consumption, range and average fuel
- PLEASE improve the infotainment system which hangs and lags half of the time
- Being a 2016 car, it should have keyless entry and push to start to the least!!
- switch to electric power steering and do include ESC in the car.
No, I would not recommend this car