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Proton Persona Mk1 Facelift (2010-2016)

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17 September 2019
1.6 Executive MT (2015)
Bought used, Owned for 8 Years
Fuel Economy: 10.0 km/litre (10.0 L/100 km), RON95, Mileage: 1,200 km/month
    - Handling is superb, fun to drive, best in it's class especially compared with more expensive Japanese rivals (Lotus handling is legit)
    - Despite it's handling, ride (suspension) is consider comfortable.
    - Boot space
    - Very stable when going high speed on highway, confidently handle speeds up to 170kph-180kph
    - Economical maintenance as it is a Proton
    - Affordable replacement parts
    - So far haven't give me any major problem
    - C segment car with B segment price
    - (Say what ever you want) the looks and design looks good to me
    - Quite a hassle to maneuver in tight spaces, chasis is abit too long
    - Very uncomfortable rear seats, bench is too short and too straight (is fine for kids but not for average adults)
    - Rear drum brakes is always faulty! Brake shoe is too small for such a big car, always noisy in wet conditions.
    - Slightly lack of torque (MT is slightly be better)
    - Clutch is hard (or maybe my clutch pumps needs replacement)
    - Nonadjustable seats for driver in B-line
    - NVH is poor (what can I say? it's an economical car)
    - Fuel consumption is on the high side, but it depends on how you drive (when I drive smoothly, I can get 7L/100KM)
To improve
- What can I say, they already came out with a new model which is way better.(except for the looks) - Only for those who appreciate it - B-line is only for those who are planning to modify it, if not get the high spec.
Yes, I would recommend this car