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Proton Persona P2-21A (2016-2019)

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10 May 2022
1.6 Premium CVT (2018)
Bought new, Owned for 4 Years
Fuel Economy: 12.0 km/litre (8.3 L/100 km), RON95, Mileage: 1,800 km/month
    1. Price below RM60K, it's the cheapest new sedan with 6 airbags
    2. Front supportive seats (great thigh length base, high back support)
    3. Decent steering tuning (for a ELECTRIC POWER STEERING, it weighs nicely, not as numb as other priced rivals)
    4. Undercarriage & floor insulation is good (going over rainy water puddles, minimal sound intrusion)
    5. Good 4 speakers system (bass & treble decent enough as stock system)
    6. Roof sound-proofing is good for the price
    7. Solid door open-close (feels hefty)
    8. Tall interior height (1.9m tall occupants sit front or back, can fit comfortably)
    9. Huge boot with great loading depth
    10. Swap with 195/55R15 tyres for extra comfort
    1. CVT jerking at low speed crawl (even sending for clutch-adaptation at service centers few times, the behavior will appear after a few days)
    2. High fuel consumption at city crawl (8km to 9km/L) vs highway cruising (avg 15km+ @legal speed)
    3. DASHBOARD RATTLE NOISES (few service centres even reassembled the dashboard: multiple clips snapped, insulation kit added as warranty claim, AC vents creaks over rough bumps, HVAC knobs rattle at idling, headunit casing rubbed against dashboard housing especially during hot weather)
    4. Rear seat mounting bracket board loose, causing rattle and knocking with rear parcel board
    5. LED HMSL (few LEDs will GG every few months)
    6. Door panel rattles (driver side & rear doors) due to speaker boominess [resolved after installing dual-layer soundproof]
    7. High center of gravity, high seating position, cornering at high speed is a bit scary, rear of the car feels empty & wants to skip
    8. Low-end torque is poor & CVT sluggish pairing
    9. Highway cruising speed 3k rpm, CVT drone & window seals are quite bad
    10. Rear legroom is extremely poor (due to lengthy seat bases)
To improve
1. That CVT spoils the experience 2. Better sound insulation (door & window seals), the car is very tall for a sedan 3. Plastic parts' interaction (dashboard assemblies & the parts' clips & fitment) 4. Design wise: As it derives from Iriz, the proportions are odd. Not much could be done to alter most of the dimensions. Anyhow, for a B-segment sedan in the price range (40k to 55k), it suits young families, individuals looking for a decent comfortable car that is rather enjoyable to be driven (except the culprit CVT).
Yes, I would recommend this car