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Date Reviewed
6 November 2019
Ride & Handling
Khai wei
1.6 Executive CVT (2019)
Bought new, Owned less than 1 year
Fuel Economy: 14.0 km/litre (7.1 L/100 km), RON95, Mileage: 1,000 km/month
    - Good Value for Money, I believe this is the best you can get at this price.
    - Smooth CVT transmission, you can hardly feel the gear shifting.
    - Performance is above expectation, Can easily go 140km/h on highway without too much effort.
    - Ride and Handling is stable and enjoyable.
    - Spacious Interior, good legroom for both front and rear passengers.
    - Boot Space is very spacious. Can fit in a lot of stuff. I think you can even fit in 2 adults inside.
    - Dashboard look extremely well, especially the coloured multi info display.
    - The Android Infotainment System looks great and able to fulfil all the basic needs.
    - Slight delay/jerking on the CVT (acceptable)
    - Fuel Efficiency not too well. I get average less than 300km per tank (mostly city drive)
    - Road noise and Wind noise is quite significant when cruising on highway (acceptable)
    - The Silverstone stock tyre is quite a turn down for me. (But for daily use it has no problem)
    - 6 airbags only available for Top Variants
    - Little bit of rattling sound coming from dashboard. (acceptable as I guess this is unavoidable when the car interior made up by a lot of hard plastic)
    - The car still have some funny looking from certain angle. (You know what I mean)
To Improve
- It will be great if Proton can solve the CVT jerking issue. Make the car more responsive on the 1st gear.
- Change to a better stock tyre
- A better looking steering

Overall, it's very good value for money. Comfortable and Enjoyable ride. I'm very satisfy with this car so far.
Yes, I would recommend this car