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Proton Preve P3-21A (2012-Present)

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RM 744.82 /month
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Latest Owner Review

Date Reviewed
3 September 2017
Premium CFE CVT (2014)
Bought used, Owned for 1 Year
Fuel Economy: 8.9 km/litre (11.2 L/100 km), RON95, Mileage: 790 km/month
    Im buying this car second hand from Proton outlets. Previously, this car was a test drive unit
    The good
    1) the price tag for this premium preve quite decent
    2) 6 airbags for 75k plus... far too good from Vios
    3) rear disc brake
    4)have autoheadlight and auto wiper
    5)decent boot size
    6)if you cruising around 80kmh-120kmh ,you felt proton cvt really smooth
    7)the infotainment is great plus with security..
    8)lots of usefull info going on screen
    9)aircond really cold, I love it
    10) paddleshift and turbo work together and its felt really superb
    11) felt safe in every angle when ride and drive preve
    The negative side:
    1) why the hell preve keeps broke down, first my fan, then my radiator malfunction, then my aircond (in just 4 month of purchase)
    2) the engine gearbox really jerky if slow down
    3) my preve is 1.6 turbo.. after 4 month running, turbo broke down
    4) only 4 month ,I repeat im 4 month, the engine oil clog up the engine
    5) the screen is too small, this car supposed to be a rival to altis and civic
    6) Proton red looking metre is is like a 10 yrs technology back... so rubbish, learn from mistake will you?
    7) if slow down and make a turn, the steering felt heavy
    8) the door plastic is extremely cheap quality, learned from other will you how to make a good quality door
    9) dashboard felt cheap.. its felt cheap that its look like 1994 accord cb4 look better than preve..
    10) for the love of God, every button is different from asian car. Example, door unlock button is located at cntre console, ridiculous how I confused at over n over again.. Don't copy europe will you?
    11) speaker at back of rear seat, like what you thinking proton? Its felt unbalance to hear only music at the back
    12) since it always broke down, I need to go check the car like every month..luckily the service centre were nice to me..
To improve
1) tried to make a good engine will you proton? (Learn from mistake) 2) dear proton, the custom gauge is so reddy.. please change it to more friendly looking metre.. 3) if proton seriously want to change, please make the infotainment bigger screen.. in this way its look modern 4) need more color option, the color available is outdated, put dark blue color option maybe 5) the door plastic design need to change 6) please install a speaker at door..
Yes, I would recommend this car