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Proton X70 P7-90A MC (2022-Present)

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Expert Review

Date Reviewed
6 January 2023
Ride & Handling
Supremely comfortable and quiet SUV, but starting to feel its age now. Put the unchanged looks aside, and it's a superb family SUV for those prioritising comfort over handling, and refinement over performance. If that fits your bill, the X70 is easily the one to get.
  • Excellent ride comfort and refinement
  • Premium car-level interior quality and feel
  • Good value for money vs Japanese SUVs
  • A lot of features on Premium variants
  • Same looks since 2018
  • Outdated infotainment
  • No Apple CarPlay, Android Auto
  • Less space than most rivals

Latest Owner Review

Date Reviewed
2 March 2023
1.5 TGDi Premium 2WD (2021)
Bought new, Owned for 1 Year
Fuel Economy: 12.0 km/litre (8.3 L/100 km), RON95, Mileage: 1,500 km/month
    1. Affordable SUV (among rivals)
    2. Cheap roadtax (RM120/year)
    3. Acceptable spec even for standard trim (safety especially)
    4. Comfortable & Silent ride
    5. You wont notice it's a 3 cylinders SUV because the engine is smooth and responsive.
    6. Acceptable interior space (but crv is better)
    7. 6 USB ports (thumbs up for dashcam port)
    1. A bit thirsty (But it's a SUV, what do i expect?)
    2. Suspension a bit firm (but still quiet and not that harsh)
    3. Heavy (as a result read no.1)
    4. High boot lip (rear bumper)
    5. Questionable boot space (Even tho they mention it is 515L, more like 400+L)
    6. Unstable Headunit UI and not that user friendly (including driving info menu at the meter cluster)
    7. No Carplay or android auto
    8. Lack of storage space
    9. Headlamp light sensor is too sensitive
To improve
1. Improve HU UI and driving menu UI.
2. Include leather seat, power boot..etc as and additional extra package
3. Carplay or android auto
4. More control options for sensor sensitivity & follow me home headlamp.
5. You keep on the brake hold function even after i restart the car but not eco function?
Yes, I would recommend this car

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