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Toyota Prius XW30 Facelift (2012-2016)

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RM 2,809.69 /month
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17 July 2019
1.8 Luxury (2014)
Bought new, Owned for 5 Years
    No Engine Sound, small and handy to drive, however due to the incident of the below. we do not think the Pros to purchase Toyota Prius Hybrid car Anymore!
    Little Help in Malaysia for Owners of Toyotas With Hybrid Car Battery Warranty Problems.

    We own a Toyota Prius 5 years, and battery break down after 5 years used, we had been servicing our car at UMW Authorized car dealer Wing Hing for passed 5 years and never service our car at third party workshop as we wanna eligible for battery warranty. However, sadly said our battery warranty had been rejected, the reason of rejection is cause we delayed our car service schedule.

    Unfortunately we had not aware of delaying car service schedule will come to a consequences to void our battery warranty, if we had known that beforehand, we will surely follow the service schedule . We are not professional in car service maintenance whatsoever, and the service advisers had not mention or warned us, it will void the battery warranty. We express our disappointment and unfairness as a consumer to UMW and Wing Hin, however it is still being rejected.

    I'm writing here to hope that our voice is being heard by public and draw attention to public. We are just a small owner of Toyota Prius and this is definitely unfair to a consumer.

    Previously we had bought camry from Wing Hin and servicing our car at Wing Hin for the pass 8 years. We had never servicing our car at third party workshop, we are loyal customer. After this incident, we had totally lost confident to the car dealer and UMW. We will never ever chose Toyota Hyrid car again.

    We hope this letter can be widely circulate and hope the car owner consider first before purchase Toyota Hyrid car. They might face what we are facing today and no one can help. We got to foot the bill ourselves. Thank you!
To improve
UMW and Wing Hin Service Car warranty department