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Volkswagen Tiguan Allspace Mk2 Facelift (2022-Present) Expert Review

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18 May 2022
Ride & Handling
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The Tiguan Allspace is a handsome SUV alternative to the usual Japanese suspects. The facelift boosts kit count and adds a sheen of tech to the cabin, but safety kit remains a weak point. The R-Line has strong performance for a family SUV, but the Tiguan isn't the smoothest and most relaxing car in the daily hustle.

  • Straight cut good looks
  • R-Line has strong performance
  • Screens look good and work well
  • Full-featured front seats
  • Fancy LEDs inside and outside
  • Extra seats/huge boot
  • No AEB, driver assist kit
  • Ride/suspension can be quieter
  • Occasional slow gearbox response
  • DSG not the smoothest in town driving
  • Gearbox workings audible

The Tiguan is quick, as you'd expect from an SUV with TSI + DSG. Performance wise, the 1.4L is more than adequate, while the 2.0L is racy for what it is. However, the gearbox can be caught sleeping when instant poke is needed, and it's not the smoothest in slow town driving. You can even hear the gears swap and engage. Both the CR-V and X3 are smoother in the daily battle.

Ride & Handling

The Tiguan has more than enough handling talent for a family SUV. If you're used to Japanese ones from T&H, you might notice tighter body control and quicker, more direct steering. On the flipside, you'll feel more of the road surface in the ride, like you do in a Euro hatch.


Our 1.4 Elegance tester had noisy suspension and a major allergy to speed bumps, thumping its way around housing areas. It's not so bad on the 2.0 R-Line, but in any case, the CR-V and X3 are both calmer and more isolated in the daily hustle. The VW's audible gearbox adds to the distraction.


The Tiguan looks good and gives off a very high-tech, high-spec vibe from the inside, but those kit came at a cost - safety. No blind spot warning and AEB, never mind ACC. A Perodua Ativa at 1/3 the price has all that plus Matrix LEDs so the lack of driver assist tech in a RM220k Conti SUV is disappointing. Lane keep assist makes its debut on the facelift, but we'd rather have AEB/BSM.


This Allspace "LWB version" of the Tiguan replaced the standard-sized SUV in Malaysia two years ago, and for the better. It's 215 mm longer and nearly half of that goes into the wheelbase. The two third-row seats are good for emergencies; there's a huge 700L boot for every other time. Best of all, the VW's handsome looks were not compromised in the making.


Safety kit aside, the Tiguan FL offers a lot of SUV for the money. The two cockpit screens are very sharp and functional, the front seats are 12-way powered (with memory) and ventilated, and the LED lighting cool inside and out. The R-Line gets a 10-speaker Harman Kardon system too. There's also the extra seats and the R-Line's performance.