BMW 2 Series Active Tourer
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Generation F45 (2015-Present)

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RM 2,918.64 /month
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Date Reviewed
15 September 2015
218i (2014)
Bought new, Owned for 1 Year
Fuel Economy: 13.0 km/litre (7.7 L/100 km), RON95, Mileage: 600 km/month
    The BMW F45 2 series AT is quite an interesting car. For one, this is the first ever front wheel drive BMW, and with a transverse engine, which is quite un-BMW.

    For a start though, one thing BMW did get right here was the interior. Being a CBU car from Germany, it is really well made inside, considering the pricepoint. In fact, I would say the overall quality is even nicer than the F20 1 series. The cabin itself is a nice place to be, this being the base model only has the Sensatec seats, but by no means is this bad. In fact I would prefer these seats over the Dakota leather trimmed seats that BMW usually uses.

    Good visibility is also another thing I really like, with the short front overhangs and the large glass area all around. In fact, this makes the 2 series feel like a much smaller car to drive, think like a Honda Jazz in fact. Parking is really easy too with the standard reverse camera and sensors (thank goodness there is now a reverse camera standard).

    For the price, it is not really that bad I would say. It pretty much matches price and specs with the base B200 CGI well, with the only difference being that the B class gets auto parking and Collision Warning as well. For me, I'd rather have the smoother transmission in the BMW over the self parking in the Merc as the DCT in the Merc is only so-so.

    By far, as a daily driver, the 2AT is incredible value considering the first 5 years is taken care of with a full manufacturer's warranty and free service too.
    Unfortunately, that's where the story starts turning around...

    For a start, to drive, the 2AT isn't particularly very nice. The 1.5 engine is smooth at idle and revs well, but the revs do not translate to propulsion, as the car feels very slow to pull away. Getting to highway speeds needs time too. This is where the more powerful Merc helps. In fact, I would say a Citroen C4 Picasso at the same price would be worth a look too.

    Then, there is the handling. For a BMW, it is rather meh. Sure, these were on comfort tyres, but the body roll and feel is pretty bad. Also, you don't get the kick in the pants when you pull away from a curve like how a normal RWD BMW does.

    The boot is above average, something like a CX-5 or a CRV which is bigger and cheaper would transport people across in more comfort.

    The last but certainly not the least, is the looks. The rear actually looks quite decent, especially at night. But the front, gosh.... It looks like a catfish!

    But here's the thing, a lot of things are a con here due to it being a BMW, and the characters we associate with the brand. In isolation, slap on another badge and the 2AT is actually reasonable. It's efficient, smooth in town, very good in the big city and has enough space. But do not expect this to rival your 3 series or even 1 series on the highways.
To improve
For a start, the damping needs to be a bit more firm, I find body roll to be particularly bad in this one.

Also, another thing, the engine really needs a boost. It is definitely lacking in power.
Yes, I would recommend this car

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