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Date Reviewed
30 May 2014
Ride & Handling
Mohd Naim
LT 1.8 (A) (2013)
Bought new, Owned for 1 Year
Fuel Economy: 7.5 km/litre (13.3 L/100 km), RON95, Mileage: 1,000 km/month
    1. Stylish. Nobody can deny that it is an eye turner crossover due to its shape and style. Not many users on the road though. Standard rim is nice. No need major modification in terms of style.
    2. Spacious. 7 seaters with acceptable space at the back most seat. Even for medium built adult (I am not really using it as I only have two children. I need the back space more than the seat.)
    3. Acceptable basic gadje given. Auto cruise, auto wipers, auto and adjustable headlamps, foldable side mirrors, fog lamps, rear snow lamp and steering audio controls.
    4. 5 year warranty with not frequent service intervals.
    1. Pricey. But I bought it with discount due to previous year stock. If it is not because of the discount, may not bought it. I believe other orlando users might have same opinions. If it is around rm100k, I bet it will one of the most popular mpv.
    2. 1.8cc is a little bit underpower. Would be better if chevrolet can bring the 2.0 diesel versions. But 1.8cc is adequate if you are not a heavy footer.
    3. No reverse camera. To me, this is a significant lacking. Such big body, reverse camera would be very beneficial especially for the lady driver. Would be more stylo if got sunroof or at least panoramic roof (not really need it though).
    4. Fabric seats. A family car should have leather seats. Surely family person buyer will bring children on board. :)
To Improve
Leather seats and reverse camera is a must. Would be generous if chevrolet can add it in.
Please bring in other versions as well. It gives us more choice.

To be honest, cant really comments on spareparts and aftersales service as my car is just 2000++ km mileage.
First service starts at 15000km :). However it is recommended to send for service at 5000km (recommendation is by Naza Quest)
Yes, I would recommend this car

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