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8 March 2016
2.0 2WD i-VTEC (2015)
Bought new, Owned for 2 Years
Fuel Economy: 11.3 km/litre (8.8 L/100 km), RON95, Mileage: 1,700 km/month
    - Good handling, well composed in taking corners for an SUV of this size.
    - Very smooth gear change by the 5-speed auto box, who needs a CVT?
    - Overall car NVH during highway cruising is good making it very easy to go way over the speed limit without you realizing it (nice! but be careful)
    - Large cargo space with or without seats folded down. I had fitted a 2-seater sofa in there with no issue.
    - Large door opening making loading unloading very easy
    - Very comfortable front seats - big, soft but supportive at the right place, 8-way power adjustable (driver).
    - The most comfortable rear seats in its class with ample thigh support and good recline angle.
    - Acceptable (decent) insulation from tire/road noise as well as engine noise.
    - Rear aircond vents for rear passenger is a big plus in Malaysian climate.
    - Good looking facelifted front look with cool shape LED DRL and bi-xenon projector headlamps.
    - Flat floor for rear passenger and ample legroom.
    - Keyless entry from both sides of the car and a push-start button.
    - Headlamp washer spray adds a bit of premium feel although rarely useful unless you do serious off-roading.
    - Lots of cup holders, bottle holders, small open storage (but no coin trays)
    - Engine rev sounds (when accelerating hard) to me is among the most pleasant unlike some other makes which sound very harsh - just typical honda engine characteristics. nice!
    - The 5-speed auto gearbox really likes to hold on to the highest gear possible, making the car feels sluggish especially when you try to overtake at highway speed (this can be slightly compensated, though not ideal, by pressing the 'D3' button on the gear lever to force the gearbox to stay within 3rd and 2nd gears only without any computer override).
    - Only 4-airbags, not the best in class but also not the worst in class.
    - Suspension setup can be felt a bit on the hard side although riding on thick profile SUV tires. some D-segment sedans with lower tire profile could do better job in absorbing road surface imperfections.
    - Low quality speaker and very basic radio.
    - No other way to open the boot other than going out to press the unlock button on the boot door itself.
    - No auto-lock doors.
    - Personally I feel there is too many colors exist on the facelifted exterior - there are 4 colours (painted body colour, chrome bars, grey plastic cladding all around, and brushed silver scuff plates).
    - Bad fuel consumption compared to other players in its class.
    - Reverse camera is very basic (1 view only and the guide lines don't bend according to steering orientation).
    - Wind noise from the large side mirrors at high speed can be quite intrusive, same with others in its class.
    - The paint, especially on bumpers, are extremely thin and very easy to chip. I discovered lots of paint chips on my front bumper just after a few days driving the car. Honda cost-cutting initiative has gone a bit too far here.
    - The ratio of interior hard plastics to soft-touch materials is among the highest in its class. Other competitors put in slightly more soft-touch materials in their cabin.
    - Seat fabrics are okay but fabrics on center armrest and door cards feel and look very cheap. Again, another cost cutting move gone too far for a RM140k car.
    - Yes, like others had commented the gear knob built feel could be improved to better suit the car's class.
To improve
- 6-airbags please for RM140k car price tag it should be more than justified. Even A-segment cars have 6-airbags nowadays. - improve the fuel consumption with more efficient engine and reduced weight? - improve the insulation of wind noise coming from the side mirrors at high speed - give options for buyers to upgrade the entertainment system without having to pick higher car variants. - better pre-delivery inspection (during delivery I picked up some loose internal pillar panels, lots of paint scratches and poor scratch removal attempts by salesman leaving circular spots of scuffed clearcoat) - provide a boot carpet or boot tray just like other foot wells / floors. - please don't skimp on car speakers - even local automakers specs their cars with decent speakers.
Yes, I would recommend this car