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Generation ZWA10 Facelift (2014) - No Longer On Sale

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RM 3,426.66 /month
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Date Reviewed
25 August 2016
CT 200h (2008)
Bought new, Owned for 6 Years
Fuel Economy: 19.0 km/litre (5.3 L/100 km), RON95, Mileage: 2,000 km/month
    The drivetrain is smooth. The torque comes instantly with the electric drive motor.
    Comfortable and smooth ride as expected. The car is responsible albeit unexciting.
    The mileage is the obvious selling point, but it sets itself apart from the Prius with the level of the interior comfort and exterior good looks.
    With the rear seats folded down, I can get a bicycle in without removing the tyres which is great. It carries a boatload of stuff with two people.
    I regularly get 19km/l in city and highway driving. This includes daily start-stop rush hour traffic.

    Lexus increased the warranty to 8 years, 5 years after the car was purchased and when the car was out of warranty. That's after sale service.
    Based on an estimated cost of changing the hybrid battery every 8-10 years, based on 20k km of driving per year, an owner would save about RM10K of fuel in that time compared to a Civic or Corolla (no kidding).
    Brake pads wore out at about 110,000KM.
    The intermediate shaft was changed (parts were covered by Lexus although car was out of warranty) at about 100k Km.
    The 12V battery required changing after 5 years (this is NOT the hybrid batter) - not a con, the battery really lasted, but as it was an AGM battery, changing it was expensive (RM700+).
    The halogen lights require changing every 12-24 months (can't complain and it's expected). The luxury model uses better lights which don't require changing.
    The sound system isn't anywhere near as good as the Mark Levinson (you get what you pay for).
    The sound proofing could be a lot better.
To improve
Noise- for a Lexus, it's noisy.
The intermediate shaft was changed at 100k Km - although it was out of warranty, Lexus covered the parts cost.
The shock absorbers went after 100k Km.
Service at the service centre could be faster.
No, I would not recommend this car

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