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Nissan Grand Livina L11 Facelift (2013-2018)

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Date Reviewed
25 September 2018
1.6 AT (2016)
Bought new, Owned for 8 Years
Fuel Economy: 10.0 km/litre (10.0 L/100 km), RON95, Mileage: 2,000 km/month
    The only good thing that I can say about the Nissan Grand Livina is the space that it provides. You can carry more stuff in it than a normal saloon car.
    Before I bought this Nissan Grand Livina, I thought Nissan is a rather reliable make. Unfortunately, I have to disagree now. In the initial years, things were okay but in the last three years, there have been more and more parts that I have to change, certainly more than I expected and it costs a significant amount of money.

    One was the air conditioner compressor pump. It was out of order causing a louder noise from the engine area than before. Another was the mounting such as engine mounting, gear box mounting, lower arm, subframe and anti-roll bar bush. The mounting needed to be replaced as the car was rattling. Even after replacement with genuine Nissan parts, the rattling problem recurred a few months later. The mechanic at the workshop said that genuine Nissan parts do not come with warranty but if I have bought third-party brand parts, then there would have been warranty that I could have claimed.

    Another thing is that I find the idle speed of the car engine too be too high. The automatic transmission is also not that smooth.

    Taking into consideration the pros and cons of the car, I can only give an overall rating of 2/5 for the Nissan Grand Livina.
To improve
- The reliability of the car needs to be improved - Genuine Nissan parts should be given at least 1 year warranty - Idle speed of the car engine should be lower - Automatic transmission should be smoother - Fuel efficiency could have been better