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Perodua Axia Mk1 Facelift (2017-Present)

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Date Reviewed
27 December 2017
Advance 1.0 AT (2017)
Bought new, Owned for 1 Year
Fuel Economy: 18.6 km/litre (5.4 L/100 km), RON95, Mileage: 1,250 km/month
    1. Really fuss-free motoring experience.
    2. Great fuel efficiency. Not as real as claimed but better than most cars on the road.
    3. Super easy to drive (being lightweight has its merits).
    4. Engine suitable for its size and can go quite fast when pushed.
    5. The cabin is as spacious as the old Myvi (new Myvi already out when I wrote this).
    6. Fit and finish is not bad at all despite being a budget car.
    7. Paint finish and exterior add-on makes the car looks more expensive.
    8. Lastly, the features. Advance spec has all the nice bits (touchscreen with navi and smartlink, auto-fold door mirrors, projector headlamp with foglight, leather-wrapped seats and steering wheel, and keyless entry/go).
    Build quality still typical Perodua. My driver's door got rattling sound after 2 days and went to SC but staff dunno how and afraid to fix. Frustrated, I d-i-y alone and fixed it. It was the door stopper near middle B-pillar not tight.
    Speakers not really good. Just acceptable.
    Suspension is so-so. Comfortable slow drive but can get trashy on big potholes and speed bumps.
    1. Steering is weird. Heavy at parking speed despite this is a city car. Should be lighter-weighted.
    2. Foot rest! Where's the foot rest? Not really comfortable on a long drive, I tell you.
    3. Gearbox is slowpoke but understandable due to efficiency. So, you have to plan your overtaking to avoid taking too much time.
    4. Engine vibrations. I know due to 3-potter but perhaps can be further reduced?
To improve
1. Build quality can still be improved. 2. Safety. This Axia don't really need VSC for its 67 horsepower but nicer to have. 3. Probably can give more free labour charge for services. Come on Perodua you make so many profit. Can treat us your buyers with better added values.
Yes, I would recommend this car