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Generation Mk1 (2009) - No Longer On Sale

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RM 282.06 /month
RM 21,144.80 price when new Compare
RM 353.96 /month
RM 26,534.80 price when new Compare
RM 361.05 /month
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RM 469.95 /month
RM 35,230.80 price when new Compare
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Latest Owner Review

Date Reviewed
11 February 2017
S AT (2013)
Bought used, Owned for 1 Year
RON95, Mileage: 150 km/month
    -good acceleration for an A segment hatch
    -steering feels responsive
    -tackles corners quite well at 80kph and below
    -nice speakers for a cheap car
    -front seats offer good shoulder support
    -aircon cools down the cabin quickly
    -good fuel consumption makes me worry free when I floor the pedal
    -suspension is too stiff
    -dashboard occasionally rattles when accelerating, which causes noise
    -no temperature meter. Can't tell car is having a high fever…one time I forgot to close radiator cap properly and almost all the water spilled out. Lucky that my car didn't overheat
    -roof feels thin as it is loud when raining
    -rear seats not as comfy as front seats as the rear seats ain't ergonomic
    -no safety features at all as mine is actually the 2009 Viva 1.0 EZ. Glad that Perodua has been working on safety since the Axia and Bezza.
To improve
-most issues that I've addressed above have been solved on the Perodua Axia. Hope to see something even better with the 2017 axia facelift, and thank you perodua for making even the very poor to be able to afford a vehicle.
Yes, I would recommend this car