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Peugeot 3008 P84 Facelift (2021-Present)

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RM 2,271.52 /month
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21 June 2023
THP Allure (2021)
Bought new, Owned for 1 Year
Fuel Economy: 11.0 km/litre (9.1 L/100 km), RON95, Mileage: 800 km/month
    - The design looks good form the exterior, and the dashboard looks good as well.
    - The control buttons are within reach for a female driver (above average height), and the steering wheel is designed to be slightly lower than normal cars. This provides greater view on the road than my previous car.
    - Door lock button is intuitive and as a female driver, the first button you press when you get into the car.
    - Great cabin space, fitting 5 adults comfortably (normal BMI adults)
    - Cabin is rather silent, but with slight wind noise at highway speeds
    - Driver and passenger seats are comfortable for longer journeys. Drive up to Penang was a breeze. Lumbar support adjustments are good. (Do take note that my shorter colleagues mentioned that the lumbar support doesn't adjust well enough for them when they drove my car)
    - Rear legroom is spacious (too spacious i think). I can fit my gym bag and yoga mat on the car floor behind my driving seat. Much more space than my husband's SUV.
    - Can't say much about driving dynamics as I don't pedal it hard. But the car is stable on the highways. It also doesn't feel too wobbly on bad roads. And on slightly windy roads, I do feel getting thrown by the inertia, but maybe because I'm comparing it with my previous sedan car.
    - Large boot space is a plus for longer journeys and some outdoor stuffs.
    - Doors are solid and doesn't have the metal clanking sound like most japanese cars.
    - Floor carpets are of softer material, so it wouldn't damage your precious bags when you leave them on the floor.
    - Panoramic roof is great, making the car feeling more roomy. But it does get a little hot if you drive it out at noon. Make sure it's well tinted.
    - There's a noticeable accelleration delay after you depress the accelleration pedal. This was a pretty big issue for me before I got used to the car. Took me about 1-2 weeks to gauge the timing to accelerate while merging into lanes.
    - After 5 months, the red engine oil light came off. Checked the engine oil and it was still at the right level. Found out that it was the sensor.
    - I have a windscreen crack of about 4-5cm about 2 months back. Brought it to the service centre but was told that they have no available windscreens to replace. Quite shocking. Could be the service centre that I go to. Will probably drive it to another SC to check.
    - Glove box is stupid. Only half the space could be used. I could only fit a pouch with some essentials in there.
    - Blind spot indicator is too faint for my liking. I sometimes miss it.
    - No auto braking. Should be a standard feature for all cars nowadays.
To improve
- Would be great to have AWD. Got into a scare when my front left tyre got stuck in soft soil once. But managed to get out after 2-3 attempts.
- The screen is a tad too small for Android Auto functionality. A larger screen size would have been perfect.
- Seat stitchings are complex. Prefer a simpler design but I guess it's somewhat negligible after a while.
- Steering adjustments would be better if it can reach closer to me.
- Sound system could be better (I'm into music so I may be a little too critical on this). The mid is muddy, and vocals are not bright enough. Adjustments can't seem to bring out the best setting.
Yes, I would recommend this car

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