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RM 1,571.11 /month
RM 117,780.80
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Generation Mk3 Facelift (2012) - No Longer On Sale

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Conventional Automatic
RM 1,571.11 /month
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Date Reviewed
15 December 2017
2.0 A/T (2010)
Bought new, Owned for 4 Years
Fuel Economy: 6.1 km/litre (16.4 L/100 km), RON97
    A lasting and tough look for an SUV at that price range (not sissy looking).
    CBU build quality.
    This car has really enjoyable ride and handling for an SUV that weights 1.5ton!
    No car in this price range has REAR WHEEL DRIVE and Unibody on Ladder Frame Chasis.
    Multilink reaer suspension (Uh Huh!)
    This car TOWS like a pick-up!!! (Super low gear ratio for 1st gear)
    Decent off road capabilties with good ground clearance.
    Tell me in current meta which SUV has a sexy HUGE EMBLEM with the rear spare wheel hanging on the boot and horizontally opened 5th door? No. Hell no.
    Hydraulic Powered Steering. no need to describe much.
    This car corners. You can even make the tail to come out a bit in the right gear.
    RWD is the best.
    - sluggish at any speeds due to its weight.
    - fuel thirsty
    - Least power output and torque output unlike the similar car in other markets that has V6 which is good in low end torque output.
    - Accessories is not as attractive as the competitors.
    - Due to the low gearing ratios and first two gears, This 4AT gearbox is not the smoothest gearbox. this can be overcome by not being light footed.
    - This car at other market gets 5-AT.
    - Top speed is limited at about 170km/h only.
To improve
As this car has been phased out from Malaysia and we'll never get this sexy looking car again. Found this car in second hand market, do consider it. It is one of the good SUV that gives you the driving enjoyment of a RWD car. The brown colour is among the sexiest as I have seen other colours around me. Do consider to repaint it.
Yes, I would recommend this car

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