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RM 2,356.92 /month
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Date Reviewed
17 July 2019
Mr S
1.8 TSI Trendline (2016)
Bought new, Owned for 2 Years
Fuel Economy: 14.0 km/litre (7.1 L/100 km), RON97, Mileage: 6,000 km/month
    - The car's performance tops any cars in its class. Don't be fooled by the figures in the datasheet, the car has more to offer under the hood in comparison to its contenders.
    - The fuel consumption is really good. You can get around 5.7L/ 100km on highway and if you are easy on the gas, but on daily driving the consumption is around 7.0L/100km. Full tank is about 65L and you can get around 900 to 1000 km on a full tank.
    - The transmission is really smooth, so smooth you can't even feel the gear change and there's hardly any drop in power and acceleration during the gear change. You can shift the transmission to Normal Driving mode "D", or when in need for more power, you can shift to Sports Mode "S" by shifting down the gear lever. This is when the turbo spool harder and your engine rev more than 5k rpm.
    - The engine is really quiet, too quiet sometimes I left the car without turning it off because I can't hear the engine idling!
    - The interior is very spacious compared to BMW 3 series or Merc C Class. The boot space is even better with 586L of space.
    - The interior finishing is superior than any other VW variants even to Golf. You can really feel the quality of the leather, accessories, and the NVH is also better than other variants.
    - Manufacturing quality is not up to the standard for continental cars. Since day 1, I have found issues with the car:
    1. The door vacuum seals were installed wrongly. The seals will be protruding out from the car when you close the door.
    2. The dashboard was not tightly installed, making rattling sounds when driving.
    3. The seat belt was installed incorrectly, and become twisted inside the door panel.
    4. The car dies off abruptly when slowing down at traffic light/ speed bumps. This often times were caused by the Auto Start/ Stop function. You have to turn it off every time you start the car, otherwise you will think that the car suffers from a heavy mechanical/electrical problem due to its heavy jerking when dying off.
    - The suspension is more on the stiffer side, good for straight line acceleration but not for those who sits at the back.
    - The warranty claim can be tedious and lengthy. I have had the car for more than 1 year and I have complained about strange noise on the suspension when slowing on the speed bumps since the first month. After 1 year of complaining, they finally found out that the problem lies with the absorber leaking prematurely. But VW did not honor the warranty claim because it was not recorded in the system and the VW service book, which turns out to be the customer's responsibility to make sure the complaints are recorded. Plus the warranty for the suspension system is only within the first 6 months or 10k km. Talking about 5 years warranty. And guess what's more coming, the price for the absorber is a bomb, and they will advise you to replace both sides in order to maintain the warranty.
To improve
- What annoyed me the most is that you're paying exorbitant amount of money for the car, and you get a manual spin knob for the seat reclination adjustment. This takes a lot time and effort especially if you want to lie back and rest. This can be improved with a very simple solution: change to a lever type seat adjustment!
- On the safety side, even if you forgot to lock one of the rear doors, and you try to lock the car using the car key, the car will allow you to lock it! Especially when you were already walking away from the car and couldn't see the other side of the door, you can still lock the car even when the doors are not closed.
- VW to honor its 5 years warranty offer especially to owners whom sent their cars religiously to the service center on time.
No, I would not recommend this car

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