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17 September 2019
2.0 TSI Highline (2016)
Bought new, Owned for 2 Years
Fuel Economy: 12.0 km/litre (8.3 L/100 km), RON97, Mileage: 2,000 km/month
    - The Performance is TOP notch, shift it into sports man and seriously this Family Sedan turns into a Sports Sedan (even if it is in comfort mode, it'll easily be able to outrun/overtake leave other cars in its dust)
    - Very Fuel efficient given the amount of power it generates
    - Very supportive seats and very easy to set your ideal driving position
    - Spacious interior (legroom) especially the rear.
    - High quality materials used at places you can touch, soft touch plastic and leather
    - Very User friendly infotainment system and the onboard navigation is very useful as well.
    - Massive boot
    - DCC enables me to choose my driving experience according to my needs or emotions
    - IMMENSE Value for money as this car punches well above its class.
    - The car feels solid, even when closing the door, you feel as if you purchased a luxury continental car instead of a D segment continental car.
    - I LOVE the analogue clock in the middle of the car
    - Safety features of the car are very good, surrounded by airbags and they have many other features that I cannot remember all the terms, acronyms and abbreviations.
    - Lane keep assist is very good (for the occasional opening your wrapper for your burger or opening the lid for your drink as there aren't any more straws) when on the highway
    - Insulation on the top isn't very good especially during heavy downpour..
    - Although the quality of the materials are very good, certain plastic rattles are evident after some time of ownership. (like the plastic speaker grill, plastic trims)
    - this point is difficult to explain, but I'll try anyway. VW Group's cars (AUDI, Porsche and this Passat) have been laser welded and therefore the top is very smooth as it tilts to your door. When it is raining, (especially after you Wax your car) the water will flow down from the roof and splash on you like a fountain.
    - speakers are good, but can be much better. (small gripe)
    - the car constantly begs you to go faster, speeds of 120km/h feel like 70km/h and therefore the con would be I received many love letters from the police.
    - fitting could be improved by our good friends at the CKD plant in Pekan, Pahang.
    - rear view camera could be HD and not 480p, its clear but given that the centre console has such high resolution, its a mismatch to use a camera that is not HD. (small gripe)
    - Highline Passats' headrests can't fully go down... This is like the biggest What in the World........ CON of the Passat for me. Maybe they thought its the Highline, so it has to be high? (IF YOU'RE short, like below 165cm) Please do take note of this con.
    - Auto start stop can be very irritating
To improve
- More insulation up there please? - HD reverse camera? The fitted one is fine, but I would like HD. - VWPCM please take note that there is a defect with the headrests for Passat Highlines... They can't go down, so shorter people would suffer awkward adjustability. - Please give us the option to turn of Auto-start stop as a setting so we don't have to press the button every time we enter the car. - Rattling of certain plastic in the car.
Yes, I would recommend this car