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10 March 2020
2.0 TSI Highline (2018)
Bought new, Owned for 1 Year
Fuel Economy: 14.0 km/litre (7.1 L/100 km), RON97, Mileage: 3,000 km/month
    Extremely competent handling and usable performance, especially acceleration performance for quick overtaking moves. DCC program supports different driving and suspension damping adjustments according to mood.
    XDS electronic differential lock really works - just don't expect it to perform like a quattro car.
    High quality interior and analogue clock from previous B7. Clock could be adapted to accept high accuracy gps time signals.
    2.0 TSI engine is shared with Golf GTI and Golf R, therefore is open for further aftermarket performance tuning.
    Less efficient but more robust wet clutch transmission.
    Humongous boot and comes with full sized spare tyre, unlike the newer Passat B8.5 Elegance.
    Projector LED lights very bright and clear.
    Android Auto friendly infotainment system.
    Significantly more economical than the B7 1.8TSI, one full tank could be extended to over 1000 kms if driven within speed limits.
    Navigation maps for Discover Media require manual updating - needs to be done offline and takes too much time. Discover Media only allows navigation maps read from official media SD card.
    Not available with sunroof - yup, I miss my B7's sunroof.
    Some item fitments are cheaper than the ones on the B7 - eg. Single boot hook for grocery bags, rear armrest without storage compartment.
    Centre console and front armrest storage compartments are too small and narrow compared to the ones on the B7.
    Voice activation support for infotainment system requires additional license purchase.
    Refinement at high speeds has not improved. Wind noise quite obtrusive at high speeds.
    Malaysian spec models do not come with updated read LED taillights as used in Europe and Singapord since 2018 update.
To improve
Overall refinement should be improved to be competitive against other marques. Improve service centre performance metrics in spares availability and turnaround time. Ensure that the locally assembled models get the same equipment updates at the same time as those in overseas (don't use the same obsolete rear LEDs for post-2017 cars as earlier models). Remove the 380 decal - really, it isn't even accurate. Stop heavy discounts on the Passat model - let the real value not be dictated by previous discount malpractices. Bring the 4-Motion model in, there will be a market for it (ex Golf GTI/Golf R familymen).
Yes, I would recommend this car