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12 February 2020
1.8 TSI (CKD) (2014)
Bought new, Owned for 8 Years
Fuel Economy: 11.0 km/litre (9.1 L/100 km), RON97, Mileage: 3,250 km/month
    I actually bought a 1.8 TSI Sports CBU model with sunroof, leather seats and lowered sports suspension.
    - Very responsive engine/gearbox combo, especially after ABT Stage 1 tuning.
    - Fuel consumption very decent for a 1.5 ton car and stays constant even after 8 years of operation
    - Humongous boot space and came with full sized spare wheel.
    - Build quality is excellent and does not feel like an old car even after 8 years. Some knobs and switches are still in use in newer B8 and B8.5 models without alteration.
    - DSG gearbox clutch is very lasting, so far at 273500 kms without requiring clutch pack changes.
    - Very decent front and rear cabin with plenty of legroom
    - Exceptional stability at very high speeds.
    - Slightly lacking in comfort, due to sports suspension.
    - Some wind noise intrusion at medium to high speeds
    - Rear tyres do not last long due to aggressive camber settings
    - VW Service Centres do not stockpile parts, requiring long downtimes for certain repairs, even basic ones.
To improve
Malaysian service centres should be more aware of the need to stock parts. Some repairs take ages due to parts unavailability. Service advisors tend to forget to follow up on parts orders. Because of the long repair leadtimes these caused, the public is of the opinion that VW cars are unreliable when it was actually the service centres that created such a mess in the first place.
Yes, I would recommend this car