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Expert Review - Ford Fiesta Mk6 Facelift (B299) (2013-Present)

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11 June 2014
Ride & Handling
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If you value the joy of driving, the sprightly Fiesta is just the sort of car that will get you grinning. Its contemporary looks aid its cause, with an outlook that will appeal to the young and young-at heart. The face of the facelift is a hit or miss visually, and the hatch is still preferable to the sedan, but the Fiesta still makes a case for itself three years on. The EcoBoost 1.0L is the pick of the lot.

  • Segment-leading handling and dynamics, drives well above its class.
  • Well-equipped (but the competition is catching up).
  • 1.0 litre EcoBoost is a gem of an engine
  • Six-speed dry dual-clutch system not the smoothest in slow urban conditions.
  • Rear occupant space is a bit cramped.
  • Interior plastics could be better, but look hardy.
  • Average rear visibility.

The 1.5 Ti-VCT mill does an adequate job of pulling the car about, though a lot of the pace off the mark feels blunted by the soft response of the six-speed Getrag dual-clutch system. At faster speeds it's an efficient performer. The standout is the 1.0 litre EcoBoost turbo variant - same kit as the 1.5, but the engine’s performance absolutely transforms the car.

Ride & Handling

Rapid response to steering input and superb tracking aspects, allied to a dynamic chassis will leave you glad you're behind the wheel in one as the miles wear on. In fact, it punches way above its class in this department, with a drive performance that'll leave more expensive offerings red-faced in the twisty bits.


It's fun and it's flirty, but it's also quiet and composed - Ford has done a great job in keeping road noise levels low. Seat comfort is also high, the brand always notable for its seating quality. On the minus side, steering missing telescoping adjustment and rearwards visibility is average.


The pre-facelift led the way with seven airbags, the first in its class to offer such. The Fiesta is still well equipped, with traction control and DSC in the mix, but the EcoBoost variant is the only one with seven airbags, so that does take away some of the gloss.


It's a great compact, but that's what it is, a compact. Rear space isn't all that hot, as is the boot volume on the hatch. The sedan improves on things, but you'll have to sacrifice some in the way of looks. A bit short on cubby holes too - space isn't the Fiesta's strongest point.


The great handling may appeal to drivers, but it's the way the Fiesta is presented that makes it really attractive beyond that. The facelifted B299 continues to be a viable alternative to the Honda and Toyota competition, but increased pricing means that the package isn’t as attractive as before. Strangely enough, the 1.0 EcoBoost looks the best value, all due to the engine.