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Date Reviewed
21 October 2015
Ride & Handling
Turbo (2014)
Bought new, Owned for 1 Year
Fuel Economy: 11.0 km/litre (9.1 L/100 km), RON95, Mileage: 1,000 km/month
    I personally have had the 1.6 non turbo Veloster before getting the Turbo Veloster, so I guess I could speak for how this compares to the older non turbo.

    For a start, this should have been what Hyundai should have brought in from the beginning, not the hopelessly underpowered 1.6 non turbo. The new turbo is actually not bad, it is surprisingly very quiet and very refined, considering Hyundai generally has not made many turbo petrol engines. Power is good and so is delivery, it is very linear and very usable in the city. It is not a lot of power considering the weight of the car - so I'd recommend not to expect hot hatch turn of pace really. But it no longer has that sense of being weighed down anymore, which is so good. I'd say it kind of reminds me of the 1.6 THP in the Peugeot 308 (2015), but not so much of the BMW's 1.6 turbo used in the 1 series.

    The chassis is by far one of the nicer Hyundai ones, dynamically it is decent and quite neutral, in fact I would say quite confidence inspiring. The ride in general is actually quite good for day to day use, without being too bumpy at high speed. Body control is decent, the turbo feel much better around the bends too compared to the non turbo.

    Overall build quality is quite good, no squeaks or rattles. However in terms of materials, I wouldn't expect too much, it still feels cheap, but not nasty - a good thing. The touchscreen is so much better than whatever rubbish Hyundai brings in for the other models, since this is the original one from Korea. It just works really.

    The DSG used is probably the real high light of the turbo. Honestly, I was not having much expectations for the DSG used here, since VW and Ford themselves couldn't solve the judder at low speed. It's interesting how at low speed and at traffic lights, there's no judder at all so far from the transmission, in fact it creeps and moves like a normal automatic. At speed, especially when driven hard, it is decent too, better than the slow 6 speed auto used in the normal car. However, this is where the Hyundai DSG gets caught too - unlike the DSG in VWs, it doesn't shift as fast and you don't get any nice sound farts that normally happen with a VW DSG. However it is an infinitely better system than the DSG used by Ford.
    Pricing is a bit of a joke really. For 145k, it's not really that justified when compared to the slightly smaller competition like the Polo GTI (which is only 10k more, but is a much faster car), or the Clio RS200 EDC (also a better driver)... The thing with the Veloster is while it is rated to be the same size as the Golf and 308 - no way is it that spacious. The front and trunk is OK, but the rear seats are terrible. I'm about 5 and 3/4 feet tall and my head brushes against the rear glass. It's worse on a hot day as the stock tint isn't sufficient. There are some quite stupid features too, like seat heaters being included. I'm pretty sure we don't need them.

    Steering feel could be improved too for more feedback at speed, right now it can wander a bit, which isn't really nice. At low speed it is fine, it's the high speed feedback that is still lacking. The reliability of the DSG in the long term remains to be a million dollar question in our heat, but so far in the US it seems to be not too bad actually.

    The biggest issue for me is the blind spots. I noticed it after a while with the car, when you pull out of a junction, the sheer size of the A pillar blocks too much of the vision. Same thing with the rest thanks to the sloped roof.
To Improve
Improve the power output from the engine, give us a bit more power. Also, revise the pricing - really. It's the pricing that is putting people off.
Yes, I would recommend this car

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