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Date Reviewed
16 August 2017
1.5 Sedan (2014)
Bought new, Owned for 1 Year
Fuel Economy: 15.0 km/litre (6.7 L/100 km), RON97, Mileage: 1,200 km/month
    1. Jinba Ittai i.e man and horse as one.
    -Being a Mazda, steering is precise and well weighted with good road feedback.
    -Predictable body roll and flex, allowing you to make corrections when required.
    -Sitting position is great and controls are within shoulder length.
    -Facelifted cars will be equipped with the G-Vectoring system which in theory improves ride & handling. So driving purists out there might want to consider getting a pre facelift model.
    -Decent driver visibility. Rear windscreen is quite big. Door mounted wing mirrors means reduced blind spots at the A pillar.
    -Brakes are actually great. Good initial bite.

    2. Engine & Drivetrain
    -Same but detuned engine as the 1.5L MX-5.
    -Plenty of torque around the low end to go around town.
    -Mid end is where the fun begins as max torque comes at about 4000rpm.
    -Sports mode = 1.5L MX-5 (wishful thinking)
    -Car runs fine on RON 95 despite being high compression, but RON 97 would allow peak performance. I find that it runs even better on V Power Racing(or is just plain placebo).
    -The 6 speed torque converter(with lock up clutch) is fast and crisp. Not the smoothest box out there, but definitely feels very sporty.
    -Pedal shift is fun and direct.
    -Linear acceleration provides the European feel.
    -Nice engine roar.

    3. Fuel Economy
    -Respectable mileage even for a 1.5L naturally aspirated.
    -Personal average at around 6.5L/100KM to 7.5L/100KM combined cycle.
    -30L of RON 97 can go for about 400KM to 500KM. Not sure about RON 95.
    -Maximum tank capacity is fairly huge at 44L.
    -Auto start stop can yield extra mileage at night or during cold temperatures.
    -Auto start stop is pretty refined. Driver can choose not to activate it by not depressing the brakes fully.

    4. Interior & Refinement
    -Clicky controls and switches.
    -Floor mounted accelerator pedal.
    -European inspired minimalist interior design.
    -Leather seats provides good positioning and support.
    -Leather on most parts of the interior (including the dash)
    -Leather knee rest.
    -High quality plastics on most parts of the interior.
    -Engine noise is kept at a minimum.

    5. Infotainment System & Tech
    -Mazda Connect is intuitive and easy to operate. I find that it's comparable to the BMW iDrive, MB Comand and Audi MMI (if not better for some).
    -Customisable system (with 3rd party software at your own risk.)
    -Voice command can be useful for most parts.
    -2 USB ports
    -Full fledged hands-free function
    -Harman's Aha internet radio is full of foreign content.
    -Heads Up Display
    -Simple and minimalist speedometer.
    1.Engine & Drivetrain
    -Linear acceleration might not be for everyone.
    -Gearbox might tend to downshift from 6th to 5th gear even for small inclines.
    -Auto start stop is not practical during hot weather or traffic jams. You need to turn off manually every time you start the car.

    2. Comfort
    -It's a driver's car so the ride is stiff.
    -Communicative bodyroll is good for the driver but not for the passengers.
    -Tire roar is obvious at medium to high speeds.
    -Wind noise can be prevalent sometimes.
    -Air con seems to be less cold when the car is stationery.

    3. Interior Space & Practicality
    -Overall space is small
    -Taller or plus size drivers might not fancy the driver eccentric cockpit.
    -Legroom is crammed. (the Almera has 5 times the legroom)
    -Center rear seat is pretty much for really small sized adults and kids.
    -No cup holders at the back.
    -Front door bins are small.
    -Boot space is small for this segment.

    4. Safety
    -Only 2 airbags
    -No auto door lock for Malaysia.
    -No Blind-Spot Monitoring for Malaysia.
    -Poor beam and visibility from the stock halogen bulbs.

    5. Misc
    -Deep Cycle battery will be very expensive to replace.
    -Very rare tire size. Stock Dunlop Enasave EC300+ not entirely confidence inspiring as well.
    -CD-Rom is placed at an awkward position.
    -No RDS for FM radio.
    -No auto-folding wing mirrors.
    -Competitors are already offering LED lighting for that price range. LED headlight is a RM5000+ option!
    -No auto headlights & wipers.
    -No i-ELoop Regenerative Braking for Malaysia.
    -HUD is pretty much useless since it only shows vehicle speed for non-navigation cars.
    -Fuel economy monitor is pretty much a marketing tool. (Just like BMW's EfficientDynamics display )
    -The SD card containing the maps for navigation is RM1200!
    -Orange peel effect on some parts of the body paint.
To improve
-Better NVH
-The RM5000+ option for LED headlights is too much!!!!
-LED DRL as standard.
-Projector headlights as standard.
-More airbags and full safety package.
-Auto door lock
-Official Android Auto/Apple Car Play support
-An actual functioning fuel economy monitor
-Mazda i-DM as standard.
-More info on the HUD, particularly a gearshift indicator.
-Smaller and sportier steering wheel design.
Yes, I would recommend this car

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