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Generation Mk3 Facelift (2016-Present)

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RM 1,000.18 /month
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Latest Owner Review

Date Reviewed
6 March 2018
1.5E (2015)
Bought new, Owned for 1 Year
Fuel Economy: 5.0 km/litre (20.0 L/100 km), RON95, Mileage: 1,200 km/month
    what i love about this car is:
    - the most of my favuorite part, fuel consumption is far than any its rival..even better than axia, ive tested it.. about 5L per 100km
    -Rear disc brake
    - it got traction control button
    -rear fog lamp
    -DRL standard
    -the new CVT is smooth and its have shifter mod
    - decent seat with comfortable position
    - the dashboard not to in high position like Honda City gm6, good view for short person like me
    -rear view also okay compareto my Honda City gm6
    - eventho the car look like bigger than the Honda City, i love it because view visible in every angle for tight parking
    - many tech on car like VSC standard across variant
    - plastic everywhere, no soft touch material even for TRD version
    - top spec only 2 airbags? comeone la
    - fake stiching on dash
    - sound system doesnt felt promising
    -road and wind noise, i had to install sound proove
    - Gearbox, slow to response during overtaking, ive owned previos Vios( dugong version) the 4 speed auto is much quicker in terms of speed and quicker in throttle response
    - too soft in rear suspension, whenever i hit the speed bump, always hit my under car
    - the high spec is quite expensive, even the high spec city cost about 87k, the trd cost 96k,nothing fancy what??? if that the case, better buy the E spec, install TRD part at local workshop, upgraded infotainment and it only cost about rm3k.. even the in nissan almera, nismo suspension is added
    -roll body on corner, i had to install ultra racing bar..
    -the car top is really soft, my 10 old niece weight 30kg climb the rooftop, its bend inwards.. imagine if the car totaled upside down
    - the car felt like tin kosong compare to honda city GM6 and Toyota Vios Dugong, if you push the fender side, its felt like its just a steel can easily bent
To improve
- sound prove
- i know the safety is not on airbag, but comeon, 2 airbag for highest spec rm96k? even city doesnt worth that much.. either put 4 airbag, we got family you know at back..
- no comment on CVT, its have good side, and bad side.. its just CVT nature
- no fake stich please..
- please put a soft touch material, even proton preve have soft touch material up in dashboad.
- no econ button, i hope it will exist somewhere near future
Yes, I would recommend this car

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