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RM 989.78 /month
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Latest Owner Review

Date Reviewed
5 June 2018
Yang Yang
1.5E (2017)
Bought new, Owned for 1 Year
Fuel Economy: 15.0 km/litre (6.7 L/100 km), RON95, Mileage: 1,690 km/month
    - Dual VVT-i engine, i feel a lot of different especially on fuel consumption, compare to 2nd gen Vios i drive before
    - 7 Speed CVT with tiptronic gearbox, for me it is a WOW. Paddle shift can't get this feel. Even i shift to high rev 3-3.5k rpm the engine sound still good to go.
    - Suspension & absorber and engine shacking level for Toyota always impressing me, even my car had seat total 5 peoples include myself and i drive for 60km/h in city road, my old man still can look the news in handphone and he also impressed because he never can do it on others people's B segment car
    - Dashboard level lower, make it the driver's view look like wider. Especially my wife sit at behind and she feel she can view wide angle across the car windscreen plus side glass.
    - Very comfortable driver seat and handling. Although i bought the fabric seat variant, E spec. I still feel comfortable during driving experience. Very good handling feel on the road especially speeding.
    - Space quite ok for B segment. the space behind even able to load 4 mid size people without any uncomforable feel. Trunk space have 500L, although less 30L than H brand competitor but if you look closely the design, this Vios 500L space design is optimize to put solid object, not the water though...
    - Built in DVR and free 8GB class 10 micro SD, enough to record full HD for 15 files of 5 minutes videos
    - 360 degree real time view camera, this is the first technology attached to B segment car. For those who got feel previously that you near miss hit people/kids during reverse or start forward the car at home, you won't said this is just a decoration features.
    - Illuminated scuff plate made many people didn't trust that it is built in.
    -standardize the safety feature like, ABS, BA, EBD, TRC, VSC and immobilized control.
    - Joke style sport rims for J and E spec, the biggest disappointment for me to not choose G spec instead.
    - Bore odometer design
    - NO AUTO CRUISE CONTROL, i have check the Vios ECU have the program, and the meter also have icon, so just need to P&P install the stick. I still don't understand why TOYOTA don;t want to install it!!
    - Behind seat very dark especially during night. This problem is not related to tint, but the interior lamp only found at rear mirror there.
    - the DVD-AVX is awaresome, but it is sad that: NO CHINESE LANGUAGE SUPPORT. I did synx with my phone and imported all contact into the player. I feel very sad that the chinese name contact appear as ******. Also, the outgoing call will appear the contact name based on phone, but receving call only appear the phone number, so i have to look to my phone to check who is calling me.
    - 2 airbag is another joke for nowdays B segment car's feature. Please provide at lease 4 airbag.
    - Sound proof quality still poor. Even thought the G spec above have the 3 layers windscreen installed, but the overall sound proof quality still very poor. I have to go to accessories shop to enhance the sound proof installation.
To improve
- Addon the optional choice for headlamp upgrading, multi-reflector to projector lamp.
- Addon the optional choice for steering wheel upgrading, audio control button.

Overall, the new Vios 2018 nothing much major problem can be complained. I am not regret to choose this Vios among other B segment competitors after i study deep about them.
Yes, I would recommend this car

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