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Mazda CX-3 DK Facelift (2018-Present)

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RM 1,439.58 /month
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Date Reviewed
18 December 2020
2.0 SkyActiv-G 2WD with G-Vectoring Control (2020)
Bought new, Owned for 3 Years
Fuel Economy: 40.0 km/litre (2.5 L/100 km), RON95, Mileage: 2 km/month
    In short, I wanted a relatively small, compact but packs a punch SUV. I got what I wanted. It's stylish, very cool looking and can be driven quite aggresively.
    + Very fast for its size, the 2L engine will really go.
    + More performance can be squeezed out if you use RON100, due to its high compression ratio, it benefits from it
    + Great sporty handling, gives you good confidence when you're driving spiritedly
    + Easy to handle and manage, since it isn't that big
    + Reasonably comfortable, better than other in its class
    + Has a very premium interior, clean and nice, almost like a Merc
    + Pedal shifters, like for reals
    + AT works very well, 90% of the time it knows what you want and gives you the right gear
    + Not plasticy, many soft touch and leather areas
    + Made for sporty feel
    + The GVC stability control is really good, in rain or heavy water areas it holds itself very well
    + Reverse cam is good, better than other segments
    + CBU has pano roof, I don't use it though
    + Good safety features, 6 airbags, the chassis can keep you safe from rollovers as well (trust me, someone got T-boned and rolled 3 times in a CX-3 and whole family only had minor cuts)
    + Comfortable suspension
    + Leather + Alcantara seats
    - Small, and back seat rather tight, but I didn't get this car to fetch people around, most of the time it's only me or with my wife
    - Hence, not a family car (don't confuse yourself)
    - Road and wind noise, that's for my previous gen CBU model, newer models has better sound dampening
    - 6-speed AT could be faster in shifting
    - Sound system is pretty good, but unfortunately MY model even CBU has no Bose option
    - No way to permanently turn off Auto Start/Stop, but you can still do it every time you start and drive, just annoying but you live with it
    - More customization options by Bermaz? (Choice of sound system, sensor suites and others)
    - Large wheels, 18-inches, prepare to spend to maintain those tires if you drive fast
To improve
Would really love an option for a turbocharged 2L engine. The engine bay has tons of space like seriously. Better noise insulation, and perhaps improved AT with 8-speed instead of 6? The engine always feels like it can go further, but limited by the 6-speed AT.
No, I would not recommend this car

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