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Generation N17 Facelift (2015-Present)

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RM 913.74 /month
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Latest Owner Review

Date Reviewed
21 March 2017
1.5L E AT (2013)
Bought new, Owned for 2 Years
Fuel Economy: 13.9 km/litre (7.2 L/100 km), RON97, Mileage: 1,000 km/month
    1.Large legroom in the cabin
    2.Quiet engine and better fuel efficiency.
    3.The price is the cheapest compare to its competitors.
    4.Light steering wheel.
    5.The car looks aggressive ( If got Nismo or Impul body kits,my Almera have the Nismo body kit.)
    6.The rear seats are soft and comfortable.
    7.Good settings in suspensions.
    8.Nice engine sound while revving the car.
    9.Quiet and stable while traveling in high speed.
    1.The engine of the car feels like underpower especially when overtaking car even this is an 1.5L engine.
    2. Always have to rev up the engine's rpm in order to overtake cars or exit from the road junction.
    3.The interior of the car contains a lot of plastic materials look less quality than its competitors.
    4.Only have 1 airbag?!!And no other safety system like VSC as its competitors have it as standard at all variant.
To improve
1.Engine performance
2.Interior quality.
3.Enhance the safety by giving at least 2 airbags and VSC.
Yes, I would recommend this car

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