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Date Reviewed
12 February 2020
Ride & Handling
1.0 Style AT (2018)
Bought new, Owned for 1 Year
Fuel Economy: 17.8 km/litre (5.6 L/100 km), RON97, Mileage: 1,500 km/month
    Okay first of all i just booked newest Perodua Axia MK1 Style just right after launch and received it lst 24 Nov 2019 and the first one that caught my eyes and decided to buy ofcourse the “Mini Crossover” look in this model. The improvement Perodua make in latest model make me feel more confidence driving it due addition of VSC/TRC/EBD. Second i dont need to think wheter to change the rim sizes to larger one as this model already come with 15’inch lightweight dualtone sportrim 😊 the fuel consumption also i think very good for me as im using it for daily busy city driving around 60km and i got average 17.8km/L fuel consumption which considered very good on heavy traffic city driving. Even tho the rim sizes are 1’inch larger than other model, the tyre circumferences still the same as it has 175/60/R15 Hankook Kinergy EX while others get 175/65/R14 but lower tyre sidewall technically improve in terms of handling of the car.
    With the same price with Axia MK1 SE, Style variants doesnt come with front parking sensor, there is no signal on sidemirror and for who love entertainment, Style variants only come with normal radio with just USB drive. No Bluetooth, Smartlink etc BUT for me it doesnt hold me to get mine because the item that not listed can be purchase or install later wheter you want Apple TV or Android Head Unit like Advance itself. Also there is no reverse camera too but again it can be install later.
To Improve
My susggestion to Perodua is limit the variants from 6 to 4 which terminate the G and SE variants because from what i see the people will choose GXtra variants instead G variants and with the same price on both latest model Style & SE, people choose to get Style instead of SE which make Perodua sales drop a bit on that model i mentioned above. Just keep basic spec Axia E MT / Axia GXtra AT / Axia Style AT & Axia Advance AT OR combined both SE & AV to one model which will be the premium Style.
Yes, I would recommend this car