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Generation D63D (2016-Present)

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The Perodua Bezza has been officially launched on 21 July 2016, with official prices ranging from RM37k to RM51k. The name Bezza is derived from the Malay word beza, which means different.

The Bezza is an in-house effort (there's no existing Daihatsu/Toyota model) with 95% local content, and took RM300 million to develop. Based on the Axia's platform, and shares the same wheelbase length as the Axia.

Also similar to the Axia is the width (1,620 mm) and height (1,510 mm). But with the addition of a very big boot (at 508 litres, it's bigger than the boot of the Vios and there's a full size spare beneath), the Bezza is 510 mm longer than the Axia, at 4,150 mm.

It comes in five variants, with two engine options - 1.0L and 1.3L. Both can be had with a five-speed manual gearbox or four-speed automatic transmission. The top-spec 1.3 Advance is auto-only.

The 1KR-VE 1.0 litre three-cylinder engine is related to the engine in the Axia, but not identical. It gets VVT-i variable valve timing, a higher compression ratio, reduced friction and improved combustion. It produces 67 hp at 6,000 rpm and 91 Nm at 4,400 rpm. The Bezza's 1.3 litre NR Dual VVT-i engine makes 90 hp and 117 Nm.

The six available colours are Lava Red, Ebony Black, Glittering Silver, Solid Ivory White, Sugar Brown and Ocean Blue. The car comes with a five-year or 100,000 km warranty.

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RM 480.68 /month
RM 36,035.17 car price Compare
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Expert Review

Date Reviewed
24 August 2016
Ride & Handling
The new Perodua Bezza takes the national carmaker to new heights - it's the company's first sedan, and comes with many new toys and safety features. But for better or for worse, it feels very much like a Perodua to drive - even though it feels like the company's most complete car to date. There are plenty of cars on the market that are much nicer and better to drive, but if all you want is a traditional sedan with a big boot, your search ends here.
  • Strong 1.3 litre Dual VVT-i engine
  • Plenty of space, big boot
  • Stability control on top-spec Advance
  • Standard-fit ABS on all models
  • Unrefined manual gearbox
  • Excessive road noise at speed
  • Steering is slow and imprecise

Latest Owner Review

Date Reviewed
8 December 2016
1.3 Premium X MT (2015)
Bought new, Owned for 1 Year
Fuel Economy: 19.0 km/litre (5.3 L/100 km), RON95, Mileage: 1,000 km/month
    - Fuel efficient car. For 1.3 MT, averaging minimum 16km/liter for full city drive, and 19.6km/liter for full highway drive (120km/h), and 18km/liter for mixed drive.
    - Excellent front and rear legroom, headroom. Some criticizes that the rear seats is too straight, but I disagree. The rear seat may look a bit straight by eye, but it is just nice to be sit in with its comfortable cushion (compared to the most comfortable pickup - Mitsubishi Triton rear bench, Bezza is way more reclined and more comfort).
    - Proper rear head restraint (Rear headrest with adjustable height) is a critical point for a sedan car at this price point. Latest sedan competitor Proton Persona and Saga (from lowest spec to top spec) do not have this, which is regrettable for exposing rear passengers to whiplash. This properly adjusted head restraint will limit the movement of the head and provide support in an accident, potentially save you from a long-term injury.
    - Advanced features made available for this affordable sedan. Keyless entry, Push Start Button, Eco Indicator is there even for a Manual 1.3 Manual version
    - Easy access to boot space via 60:40 folding down plus electric button boot release
    - Extremely large boot space which made balik kampung trip a breeze
    - Very refined and silent Toyota Dual VVT-i engine, can't hear the engine noise even at 110kmh
    - Reasonable 5 Speed Manual Gearbox from Akashi Kikai (gear change is smooth with less rubbery feel, 110km/h at 3000 Rpm and 90km/h at 2500 Rpm in 5th gear, clutch bite point is a bit higher than previous Perodua car)
    - All parts are from reliable supplier (Denso radiator, Iridium spark plug, Koito headlamp and rear light, Panasonic battery, Bosch electric power steering, Pilkington/Asahi glass for windows, Daihatsu brake, Bridgestone Ecopia EP150 tyre, etc)
    - Powerful car due to its high Power to Weight Ratio (94hp for a 900kg car = 104 hp/tonne, other similar priced competitor all have less than 100, Saga @ 90.8 hp/tonne, Persona @ 92.6 hp/tonne). It can easily sprint if you rev it hard.
    - Brilliant turning radius of just 4.5 meters, make U-Turn at tight space a simple job
    - Affordable maintenance with the service interval of every 10,000km/6months with the usage of fully synthetic 0W-20 engine oil, with 5 years/150,000 km manufacturer's warranty. Usage of Timing Chain and Iridium spark plug will reduce the maintenance cost as well.
    - Nice rear LED strip light is nice to look at during night
    - Very useful Front Parking sensor as the head is too short
    - Full Size spare tyre is given (try get it from other competitor)
    - Surprisingly reasonable stock audio system provided (compared to previous Perodua car which sucks, Proton still way better in this offering though)
    - Reasonable car handling when taking corners (which surprised me), though still way far from Proton handling
    - In conclusion, an affordable Japanese city car in a local brand disguise
    - Non-adjustable steering column. You can still adjust the seat height and position to find a comfortable seating.
    - Tyre fender insulation is empty. Water noise very apparent when go through wet road, stone noise is apparent when stone hit the fender.
    - Serious crosswind affect the car stability when travelling at high speed (above 110kmh). The car will feel swaying when large heavy vehicles passed by.
To improve
- Make the steering column adjustable (rake and reach)
- Apply rubberized undercoating to the tyre fender to reduce the noise intrusion to the cabin
- Improve on the car handling and reduce the crosswind effect
Yes, I would recommend this car

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