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Proton Saga P2-13A MC2 (2022-Present)

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RM 464.21 /month
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Latest Owner Review

Date Reviewed
9 January 2024
1.3 Premium S AT (2022)
Bought new, Owned for 1 Year
Fuel Economy: 17.0 km/litre (5.9 L/100 km), RON95, Mileage: 1,000 km/month
    - Can handle corners really well even on wet roads
    - When in high speed (130+), car is suprisingly stable
    - Lots of features I didn't know I need it like Hill Hold Assist etc.
    - Good FC when cruising on highway, as low as 4.4l/100km recorded on the HU
    - Mic quality when taking phone calls while driving is also good, loud enough

    When comparing to my old Saga Plus MT variant
    - better NVH
    - more comfort
    - much better speakers, can direct the sound/music to anywhere. Old saga has back speaker so back passenger almost always will be disturbed
    - better cruising at 90-110km/h as I'm a light foot
    - reverse camera and front/back sensors were a godsend
    - Has access to more bootspace by lowering the backseat
    - Bad infotainment. Only good if you're only going to use bluetooth/radio but still not a good experience. Screen mirror experience also quite terrible, along with not supporting letter/language that use non-alphabet.
    - FC on city driving is quite bad, averaging around 6.4~7.5l/100km
    - USB Ports only support up to 1.0A power output, really slow charging so if you screen mirror, your phone actually draining instead of charging

    When comparing to my old saga
    - Somehow the acceleration is much worse, feel sluggish between 50~80km/h.
    - Less interior storage space. I find it weird when old saga can give more space for your personal stuff in the car ( I guess that's the trade off for more leg space etc.)
    - Driver seat space also much more restricted
    - Dimmer headlight. Its DRL is even brighter than the headlight itself
To improve
I do think proton can at least change their infotainment to a better one and allow support for AA/AC. Also give more storage space (at least on the driver side) like older FLX can.

For segment A car, this car is good enough for casual driver and family use.
Yes, I would recommend this car

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